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DASNR Video 
141 Agriculture North
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078

Phone: (405) 744-4065
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The DASNR Video Production Team

Meet the DASNR Video production team.

Craig Woods
Senior Television Producer / Director
Agricultural Communications Service provides comprehensive video production for all your educational and promotional productions. Senior Producer/Director Craig Woods can take your video from concept to distribution and beyond by helping you identify the objectives and goals, target audiences and takeaways of your project.

Craig has been creating educational videos for more than two decades.  He received more than 20 awards for his work, including a 2001 USDA Group Honor Award of Excellence for the Poultry Waste Management Training series. He has helped crafted videos for children, as well as adult learners in every topic from safety around livestock to using fire to manage the landscape.
Office: 155 Agriculture North
Phone: 405-744-3618
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