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VT 1096 - An Introduction to AgrAbility
The AgrAbility Project is a USDA funded program to provide on-farm assessments of farmers and ranchers with physical/mental disabilities. This DVD tells the story of 3 Oklahomans who have been helped. Learn what AgrAbility can do for you or a loved one. Hosted by Oklahoma Gardening's Kim Rebek. Closed Captioned. 11 minute running time.

VT 1094 - How to Use the Poultry Litter Web Site 
Dr. Michael Smolen describes how to use the Litter Market Web Site to find prospective buyers, sellers, and haulers.  This program's goal is to allow the state of Oklahoma to distribute the poultry litter throughout the state.  Length:  6 Minutes

VT 963 - Poultry Litter Waste Management - Marketing Poultry Litter 
This is segment nine of a nine-part video training series for Poultry Litter Producers and applicators.  This segment deals with marketing the product of poultry litter.  This segment deals primarily with how the producer needs to market the product, develop a market plan, and how to make the sale.  Length:  17 Minutes

VT 962 - Poultry Litter Waste Management - Fine Tuning the Animal Waste Management Plan 
This is segment eight of a nine-part video training series for Poultry Litter Producers and applicators.  This segment deals with the proper way of keeping records that will meet the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture regulation for animal waste management, and how following the management plan will allow maximum results.  Length:  25 Minutes.

VT 961 - Poultry Litter Waste Management - Understanding the Animal Waste Management Plan 
This is segment seven of a nine-part video training series for Poultry Litter Producers and applicators.  This video covers creating an animal waste management plan with the help of the local Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) office.  Length:  16 Minutes

VT 960 - Poultry Litter Waste Management - Conservation Practices 
This is segment six of a nine-part video training series for Poultry Litter Producers and applicators.  This sixth segment covers important issues that concern the way producers manage their land and pasture.  This segment emphasizes maximum land use, improved grazing systems, maintenance of riparian management, conservation tillage, and grass filter strips.  Length:  21 Minutes

VT 959 - Poultry Litter Waste Management - Phosphorus in Poultry Litter 
This is segment five of a nine-part video training series for Poultry Litter Producers and applicators.  This fifth segment covers important issues that concern the way producers manage the phosphorous of poultry.  This segment explains how to alter the phosphorous in the production of poultry that will help the birds.  Litter additives are one key component discussed.  Length:  14 Minutes

VT 958 - Poultry Litter Waste Management - Sampling and Calibration 
This is segment four of a nine-part video training series for Poultry Litter Producers and applicators.  This fourth segment covers important steps that producers need to follow.  These steps are litter testing, soil sampling, and spreader truck calibrations for their business.  Length:  28 Minutes

VT 957 - Poultry Litter Waste Management - Nutrient Management 
This is segment three of a nine-part video training series for Poultry Litter Producers and applicators.  This segment deals primarily with the question of how, and why, it is important to manage nutrients in litter to meet the plants needs.  Such issues discussed are the Agronomic Rates, nutrient movement, and the nitrogen.  Length:  21 Minutes

VT 956 - Poultry Litter Waste Management:  Environment Background 
This is segment two of a nine-part video training series for Poultry Litter Producers and applicators.  This second segment covers important issues that concern our environment.  Such issues discussed are how do components of poultry manure get into our streams and lakes, and what best management practices can producers and applicators use to prevent pollutants from getting into the water?  Length:  20 Minutes

VT 955 - Poultry Litter Waste Management:  ODA Regulations 
This is segment one of a nine-part video training series for Poultry Litter Producers and applicators.  This first segment covers important issues such as: Carcass Disposal, Records, Litter Sampling, and Applicants Certification that are part of the Oklahoma Registration Poultry Feeding Operations Act.  Length:  22 Minutes

VT 881 - Natural Creek Bank Vegetation 
This video contains information on how to prevent erosion of natural creek banks.  The topics of this video include the erosion process, how streams handle high flow of water, and how to keep streams in good shape to prevent excessive erosion.  Length:  6 Minutes

VT 844 - Livestock Safety for Kids 
This is a video to show the proper way children should act and react around livestock specifically at petting zoos, fairs, and school functions.  Length:  11 Minutes

VT 830 - Cattle Handling Safety 
Cattle are responsible for 61 percent of all injuries caused by farm animals…and one-half of all animal related injuries are the result of human error.  This videotape provides practical, on-site advice about how to avoid becoming an injury statistic.  Animal Behavior is one key.  This tape will examine the best techniques for moving and working cattle safely, by understanding some of the major points of animal behavior, and how they are likely to react to common situations.  Working Facilities provide another key to safe animal handling.  This tape features an "on-site" walk-through of a typical working facility:  examining its good points, and those that need improvement.  Information about the role of regular and proper maintenance will also be discussed.  The Presenters include:  Baxter Black, DVM, Nationally known cowboy poet and former large animal veterinarian; Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Internationally known animal behaviorist from Colorado State University; Dave Lalman, Ph.D., Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Beef Cattle Specialist.  Length:  13 Minutes

VT 751 - Wellhead Protection: Safeguarding Rural Water 
This video shows how irrigation well construction and geology can protect ground water from surface contamination.  It explains how irrigation wells can be protected from contamination by using backflow protection, proper irrigation water management, proper maintenance, and by restricting high-risk activities around the wellhead area.  Length:  15 Minutes

VT 729 - Dog Bite Prevention: A Video for Kids 
Knowing a little about dog behavior and using common sense can help kids avoid being bitten by a dog.   This video teaches kids:  (1) how to be responsible pet owners; (2) how to recognize signs that a dog is becoming aggressive; (3) what to do if attacked by a dog.  Length:  11 Minutes

VT 728 - Proper Fumigation for Worker Health and Safety 
This video shows the steps involved for safe application of fumigants to structures such as warehouses and gain elevators.  Application techniques for facilities constructed of steel and concrete are featured.  Length:  27 Minutes

VT 503 - Greenhouse Energy Management 
Targeting commercial greenhouse managers, this video gives options for minimizing energy use in the commercial greenhouse.  These options include automated thermal blanket insulation; greenhouse bench heating and temperature controls.  Length:  27 Minutes

VT 488 - ETV Electric Television 
A fun and exciting way to teach electrical safety to youngsters!  ETV uses a high-energy show, music video…to deliver fundamentals of safety about electricity.  This video was awarded the 1995 Blue Ribbon Award from ASAE, the Society of Engineering in Agriculture, Food and Biological Sciences.  The judge commented, "outstanding…video…will hit the target for the intended audience!"  Length:  11 Minutes

VT 437 - Aerial Pesticide Drift Management 
This video uses scenarios to explain the process of aerial application of pesticides.  It illustrates decision-making, flying practices and spray boom modifications which can significantly reduce or eliminate aerial spray drift.  Also covered are methods of calibrating spray patterns and redesigning spray systems.  Length:  30 Minutes

VT 436 - The Dark Side of the Sun 
Agricultural workers top the list of candidates for skin cancer.  Fortunately most skin cancer can be cured when discovered early and treated promptly.  If you know the facts about skin cancer, you know that it can be prevented.  This video explains what farmers and ranchers need to know to prevent and detect skin cancer.  Length:  10 Minutes

VT 435 - Noise Exposure & Agriculture 
Agricultural workers experience one of the highest rates of hearing loss caused by loud noises on the farm.  Tractors, combines, conveyors, livestock and grain dryers are only a few pieces of farm equipment that can expose your ears to excessive noise.  Noise-induced hearing loss ranks among the top ten work-related conditions outlined by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.  This video shows how prevention can guard against hearing loss.  Length:  7 Minutes

VT 405 - Farm Injuries 
This tape covers the importance of observing safety precautions on the farm is graphically illustrated through video of farm accidents and resulting injuries.  The tape shows real-life examples of what happens when farmers forget to remember safety.  Viewer discretion is advised.  Length:  5 Minutes

VT 395 - Fumigation Safety  
This tape covers basic safety requirements and tips for grain fumigation.  It specifically addresses respirators and monitoring devices.  Length:  11 Minutes

VT 370 - Horse Sense for Kids 
Kids talk with kids about safety around horses.  Equine experts from OSU and Colorado State University are featured.  Length:  20 Minutes

VT 347 - Kids Farm Safety Camp 
Oklahoma State University and Colorado State University team up to bring you this video featuring a farm safety day camp for kids.  Length:  7 Minutes

VT 338 - Catfish Fee Fishing 
This tape is a primer video for those interested in opening a catfish fee fishing operation.  Using existing businesses as examples, the video shows all phases of a fee fishing business.  Length:  21 Minutes

VT 302 - Irrigation Energy Conservation 
This tape addresses irrigation pump efficiency.  Demonstrates testing electric and natural gas powered irrigation pumps.  Discusses economics of irrigation pump repair and replacement.  Length:  24 Minutes

VT 289 - Irrigation Well Construction 
This video covers the factors an irrigator should consider in constructing and developing an irrigation groundwater source.  Selecting a well driller, siting the well, gravel packing, well-head sanitation, well development and test pumping a new well are discussed.  The emphasis is not just on keeping construction costs down, but on designing a well that will be an energy efficient and economical water supply for many years.  Length:  15 Minutes

VT 180 - Combine Adjustment to Minimize Wheat Harvesting Losses 
This tape provides a detailed guideline for farmers to follow when adjusting their combines for the upcoming harvest season.  This tape is very specific and requires a fair amount of knowledge about combines before viewing.  The viewer may have to watch the tape several times when trying to find a solution to his particular problem.  It features four basic indicators to look for when setting the combine:  bin sample, tailings return, straw walkers and inspection of harvested areas.  Length:  16 Minutes

VT 179 - Estimating Small-Grain Harvesting Losses 
This tape gives the economic benefits involved in reducing the loss during wheat harvest, then it gives step-by-step directions for measuring wheat loss.  This tape should be used in conjunction with the listed supplemental materials because it moves very quickly.  Length:  6 Minutes

TC 121 - Field of Danger: Children on the Farm 
These videos explore the topic of child safety on the farm or ranch, and include a number of safety tips.   Two versions are available - 28 minutes and 12 minutes.  Agricultural safety and health experts are featured in the videos along with parents and their children.  The longer version features First Lady Barbara Bush and United States Surgeon General Dr Antonia Novello.  Length:  Part 1, 28 Minutes; Part 2, 12 Minutes.


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