Entomology & Plant Pathology Videos

OSU Entomology and Plant Pathology Videos

VT 728 - Proper Fumigation for a worker 1993
This video shows the steps involved for safe application of fumigants to structures such as warehouse and grain elevators. Application techniques for facilities constructed of steel and concrete are featured.

VT 1115-1126 - The Plant Detective Series
This is a series of 12 videotapes that helps identify questions that greenhouse owners and workers could receive from their customers during the months of January to December.  These tapes identify those possible topics and provides answers to some of these questions.  This is intended to be used as training for sales staff but can be used by consumers and other audiences as well.  Length:  Each tape is approximately 20 Minutes

TC 25 - Alfalfa Management Teleconference Part 1
This videoconference covers alfalfa management techniques including fertility, stand establishment, diseases and economics.  Length:  1.5 Hours

TC 109 - Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management
This videoconference addresses concepts of sustainable agriculture, and integrated pest management:  similarities and differences.  Addresses implementing these product philosophies in production agriculture.  Length:  90 Minutes

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