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VT 1133 - County Government: Government Closest to the People

VT 1114 - Virtual Field Trips in Control Environments: C. Raker and Sons

VT 1113 - Virtual Field Trips in Control Environments: Glass Corner Greenhouses

VT 1112 - Virtual Field Trips in Control Environments: Len Busch Roses

VT 1111 - Virtual Field Trips in Control Environments: Wagner's Greenhouses

VT 1110 - Virtual Field Trips in Control Environments: Bachman

VT 1109 - 1114 Virtual Field Trips
This series of video takes a detailed look at greenhouse operations across the county. Closed captioned.

VT 1109 Virtual Field Trips in Control Environments: Eurofresh Farms, Inc.

VT 882 - Children's Gardens in Which to Learn and Grow 
These videos explain how to plan, design, and build an outdoor classroom to use for educational purposes to teach students how to maintain a garden.  Length:  2 Hours

VT 873 - Rock Gardening in Oklahoma 
Steve Owens discusses in the video how to construct a rock garden in Oklahoma.  In his discussion he includes a history of how rock gardening began.  He then speaks about how to determine the proper site, the proper soil mix, construction, plant selection, and how to properly care and maintain a rock garden.  Length:  28 Minutes

VT 773 - Soil Sampling for Home Gardens & Landscapes 
Knowing what types and amounts of fertilizers your lawn and garden need is determined by a good soil analysis.  An accurate analysis is the result of a properly collected and packaged soil sample.  This video contains all the information you need to collect, dry and bag a soil sample from a garden or lawn.  It then explains how to use the information that you get back from the lab to make better decisions when buying lawn and garden fertilizers.  Length:  10 Minutes

VT 525 - Oklahoma Gardening:  Oklahoma Wildflowers 
Former Oklahoma Gardening host Steve Dobbs demonstrates how to identify, maintain and propagate southwest wildflowers for the home garden.  The video features segments on Indian Paintbrush, Oenothera, Indian Blanket, Redbeckia and many more.  Also featured is a segment on ornamental grasses and how they can compliment a native landscape theme.  Length:  38 Minutes

VT 507 - Oklahoma Gardening: Backyard Wildlife Habitat 
Not your typical backyard!  Imagine a yard filled with hummingbirds and butterflies.  There urban yards are designed to attract wildlife by providing shelter, food and water.  Tape 1 shows you how a wildlife habitat was set up at the studio gardens, then follow along as the OKG crew visits 5 more backyard habitats.  It ends with a look at habitats needed for Oklahoma amphibians and reptiles.  Tape 2 is the "how-to" section, showing you the specifics of creating your own backyard wildlife habitat:  Part 1, Purple Martin preparation (3 Minutes); Part 2, Bird box guards (2 minutes); Part 3, Hummingbird gardens and feeders (7 Minutes); Part 4, Checking bird boxes and summer bid feeing supplements (13 Minutes); Part 5, Bird bath basics (5 Minutes); Part 6, Oklahoma Bats (9 Minutes); Part 7, Helping baby birds (6 Minutes); Part 8, Butterfly gardening (19 Minutes); Part 9, Bird house squirrel battles; Part 10, Winter Wildlife preparation (11 Minutes); Part 11, Winterizing for bird, (8 Minutes).  Length:  172 Minutes

VT 482 - Oklahoma Gardening: Railroad Gardening 
All Aboard--for the newest hobby in the garden!  Railroad gardening has exploded in popularity and Oklahoma Gardening can take you along for the ride.  See how a railroad garden was installed at the studio garden.  Part 1, Oklahoma Gardening design and setup; Part 2, Railroad gardening accessories; Part 3, Railroad gardening miniature plant varieties and Parts 4-5, Visits to other railroad gardens in Oklahoma.  Length:  65 Minutes

VT 481 - Oklahoma Gardening: Home Irrigation Systems 
Forget standing out in the summer heat to water the lawn!  Learn how to install a home irrigation system with the crew of "Oklahoma Gardening".  Watch as an irrigation system is installed at the studio gardens.  Three types of irrigation systems are covered:  (1) Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself Drip Kits (5 Minutes); (2) Major Landscape Irrigation Systems:  Part 1, Guidelines and Design (8 Minutes); Part 2, Installation (17 Minutes); and Part 3, Irrigation for Container Plants (7 Minutes).  Length:  50 Minutes

VT 480 - Oklahoma Gardening: Everlasting Flower Garden 
Grow your own flowers and herbs so you can create your own dried flower arrangements!  Learn how to choose varieties, when and where to plant, how to dry the flowers and how to arrange them.  Part 1, Oklahoma Gardening's Everlasting Flower Garden; Part 2, Oklahoma Gardening's Everlasting Flower Garden Update and Drying Flowers; Part 3, Everlasting Flower Research; Part 4, Cut Plant Material Research; Part 5, Growing and Using Lavender; Part 6, Preparing Potpourri; Part 7, Sunflowers for Drying; Part 8, Growing and Drying Herbs; Part 9, Growing, Drying, Braiding and Storing Garlic.  Length:  Part 1, 4 Minutes; Part 2, 17 Minutes; Part 3, 5 Minutes; Part 4, 6 Minutes; Part 5, 7 Minutes; Part 6, 9 Minutes; Part 7, Minutes; Part 8, 11 Minutes; Part 9, 15 Minutes

VT 426 - Water Gardening in Oklahoma 
Water gardens are popping up everywhere in backyard landscapes.  Steve Dobbs, host of the award-winning "Oklahoma Gardening" television show talks with experts on how to install and maintain a water garden year round in Oklahoma.  Other topics include plant selection and care and what types of fish will work best in the garden.  Former "Oklahoma Gardening" hosts Sue Gray and Jim Gallott tour some of Oklahoma City's finest gardens.  Length:  71 Minutes

VT 425 - Oklahoma Gardening for Kids 
Steve Dobbs demonstrates some fun and easy projects designed to educate children about the horticultural world around them.  Projects include:  making terrariums, kitchen scrap gardening, vegetable art designs and many more.  Other segments show how some Oklahoma schools are introducing their students to horticultural programs such as "Ag in the Classroom: and "Project Learning Tree".  Length:  77 Minutes

VT 321 - Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: The Future is Now 
This is a recruiting tape for OSU's Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.  It identifies careers in the field of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.  Graduates and students in the department are featured in the video.  Length:  23 Minutes

VT 222 - Ornamental Trees & Shrubs for Oklahoma 
In Part 1, Site Planting Tips, Jim Gallott covers guidelines for planting trees and hedges.  In Part 2, Oklahoma Oaks, Sue Gray covers the types of oaks that will grow in Oklahoma, giving identification characteristics to look for.  In Part 3, Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color, Sue Gray gives a tour of a variety of trees and shrubs with fall color and how to fit them into your landscape.  In Part 4, Unique Bark Features of Trees and Shrubs, Jim Gallott talks about plants with unique bark features that fit into a winter landscape.  In Part 5, Ornamentals for Energy Conservation, Sue Gray talks about reducing utility bills by planting trees and shrubs in strategic locations around your house.  The supplemental materials goes with Part 5.  These segments come from the weekly television show, Oklahoma Gardening, that airs on OETA every Saturday and Sunday.  Length:  Total, 45 Minutes;  Part 1, 6 Minutes; Part 2, 10 Minutes; Part 3, 10 Minutes; Part 4, 10 Minutes; Part 5, 8 Minutes

VT 221 - Lawn and Garden Safety for Oklahomans 
In Part 1, Chainsaw Safety, Jim Gallott talks with OSU safety specialist Pat Lewis and agricultural engineer Randy Taylor about precautions and the safe use of chainsaws.  In Part 2, Tractor Safety, Jim Gallott talks about the proper use and handling of lawn and garden tractors.  In Part 3, Chemical Labeling, Jim Gallott talks with OSU entomologist Jim Criswell about reading and interpreting pesticide and herbicide labels.  In Part 4, Lawn Weed Spraying, Jim discusses the handling and usage of herbicides in the home lawn area.  These segments come from the weekly television show, Oklahoma Gardening, that airs on OETA every Saturday and Sunday.  Length:  Total, 1 Hour; Part 1, 15 Minutes; Part 2, 15 Minutes; Part 3, 23 Minutes; Part 4, 8 Minutes

VT 216 - Growing Cole Crops in Oklahoma 
In Part 1, Starting Transplants, Sue Gray takes a look at samples of vegetables growing in the garden in the winter.  She demonstrates how to start transplants using cabbage and broccoli.  Gives all the details about starting transplants with cole crops.  In Part 2, Spring Planting, Sue Gray shows how to put transplants in the spring garden site in early spring.  Demonstrates how to plant a variety of crops for the spring.  In Part 3, Fall Planting and Fall Lettuces, Sue Gray shows how to start a fall garden using a variety of crops.  These segments come from the weekly television show, Oklahoma Gardening, that airs on OETA every Saturday and Sunday.  Length:  Total, 38 Minutes; Part 1, 9 minutes; Part 2, 14 Minutes; Part 3, 13 Minutes

VT 215 - Growing Tomatoes in Oklahoma 
In Part 1, Planting Tomatoes, Sue Gray goes through a detailed discussion about the process of planting tomatoes.  Part 2, Training Tomatoes, Jim Gallott review several methods used to train tomatoes once planted.  Part 3, Tomato problems, Sue talks about pests who invade gardens in mid summer and damage tomato plants.  Length:  Part 1, 7 Minutes; Part 2, 11 Minutes; Part 3, 11 Minutes; Part 4, 6 Minutes; and Part 5, 3 Minutes

VT 57 - Top Working Apple Trees 
Covers the side graft and simplified bark graft methods used to topwork apple or pear trees to convert to another cultivation.  Length:  28 Minutes

VT 56 - Pruning Grapevines and Blueberries 
Methods of pruning and training grapes and blueberries.  Length:  28 Minutes

VT 54 - Pruning Apple and Pear Trees 
Methods of pruning and training suitable for apple and pear trees.  Length:  28 Minutes

VT 52 - Pruning Peach Trees 
Methods of annual pruning and training of peach trees.  Length:  28 Minutes

VT 48 - Establishment of Cover Crops 
Jim Gallott, OSU Pecan/Tree Fruit Specialist, hosts this three-part tape, covering how to start summer cover crops, summer cover crop follow-up and how to start winter cover crops.  Segments come from previous Oklahoma Gardening shows.  Length: 25 Minutes

VT 47 - Establishing Lawns in Oklahoma 
Three-part video hosted by Jim Gallott, Extension Pecan/Tree Fruit specialist, reviews the details of starting a lawn (including sprigging, plugging and sodding methods), results of these methods and how to start a cool season lawn.  Segments taken from Oklahoma Gardening.  Length:  45 Minutes

VT 46 - Pecan Grafting  
The three parts on the tape feature Jim Gallott reviewing how to collect pecan graftwood and storage of it, grafting pecan wood by the bark graft method and the four-flap graft method and a pecan graft update.  Segments are taken from Oklahoma Gardening shows.  Length:  32 Minutes

VT 26 - Cockroach Management Training (Short) 
OSU Entomologist Jody Gladen gives tips on how to work with the Oklahoma Housing Authority on getting rid of cockroaches.

VT 19 - Cockroach Management Training (Long) 
OSU Entomologist Jody Gladen gives a review of how cockroaches breed, where you find them and what you can do to get rid of them.  Gladen also reviews getting ready for professional treatment of roaches.  Length:  9 Minutes

TC 137 - Earth-Kind Gardening & Xeriscaping 
In-service program for FCE group lesson leaders, designed to increase their knowledge of positive environmental practices in home gardens and landscapes.  Length:  90 Minutes

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