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VT1128 Wildgame Food Safety: Venison
This video looks at the proper field dressing techniques, care of the deer carcass to minimize meat contamination, meat processing techniques, storage & food preparation to prevent food borne illnesses. The DVD also includes more than 14 venison recipes. Closed captioned. 1 hour and 5 minutes running time 

VT 1075 - Listening to the Prairie Symposium 
This symposium highlights challenges faced by Oklahoma prairies and rural communities.  The video contains a presentation by Harvey Payne, a panel discussion with David Engle, Fred Guthery, James Shaw, and Mike Woods, and a presentation by David Schmidly speaking about the vanishing of the Oklahoma Prairie.  Length:  2 Hours, 24 Minutes

VT 757 - Lesser Prairie Chicken:  Display and Song 
This video was shot at the Fern-Hall Cooper Wildlife Management Area in Woodward County to show the display and song of the Lesser Prairie Chicken.  Length:  7 Minutes

VT 524 - The Effects of Poultry Litter on Pine Plantations 
Can poultry litter be used to effectively fertilize pine plantations?  Find out the results of a three-year study where poultry litter was spread at various rates on a pine plantation in southeastern Oklahoma.  Length:  18 Minutes

VT 515 - Oklahoma Youth Forestry Camp 
A fast-paced video showing all the activities which take place at the Oklahoma Youth Forestry Camp at Beavers Bend State Park.  Activities include:  tours of area logging camps, wildlife workshops, learning the skills of forestry judging, and camp recreational activities such as volleyball, swimming, canoeing and woodworking.  Length:  5 Minutes

VT 264 - Logging, Best Management Practices, and Water Quality 
This video introduces the concept of best management practices and gives examples of how loggers working in the woods can do their part to preserve the quality of the water.  Length:  21 Minutes

VT 208 - Growing Christmas Trees in Oklahoma 
Part 1.  Growing Christmas Trees, gives the viewer general information about the market situation in the industry and describes the production process including site selection and what kind of trees to grow on your particular site.  Features advice from growers in business.  Part 2, Establishing Your Plantation, covers how to prepare your site for the plantation (both clearing, cultivation and other methods of preparation), seedling selection, and how to get seedlings, seedling care once purchases and planting techniques.  Part 3, Pruning and Shearing, gives an explanation of what constitutes a quality tree, discussion of pruning and shearing and when to do them.  Specifically, the tape covers corrective pruning, techniques for shearing certain types of trees, when and where to shear, cutting the leader, and basal pruning.  Gives a good overview of the basics of pruning and shearing.  A good follow-up would be to view the videos, VT 291 Shaping North Carolina Christmas Trees and VT 220 Pruning and Shearing Christmas Trees.  Part 4, Controlling Insects and Diseases, features advice from growers about how they handle insects and diseases, covers problems with Nantucket Pine Tip Moth and how to deal with them through the use of traps, shearing, insecticides, and systemics.  Part 5, Marketing Christmas Trees, covers three methods of marketing--choose and cut, wholesale and retail--and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Gives advice about how to pick the marketing method for you.  Gives the secrets to success about being a good marketer.  Length:  Part 1, 9 Minutes; Part 2, 12 Minutes; Part 3, 9 Minutes; Part 4, 10 Minutes; Part 5, 9 Minutes

VT 178 - American Tree Farm Showcase 
This video offers practical advise to small woodlot owners through profiling 12 of the nation's outstanding tree farmers throughout the United States.  The program illustrates the role of the forestry professional, demonstrates practical uses of woodlots, emphasizes the forest as potential wildlife habitat, and examines problems associated with tree farming.  Length:  57 Minutes

VT 112 - Using Prescribed Fire in Oklahoma
Update version. This video covers the advantages of controlled burns and methods to safely do a prescribed fire. The DVD includes extended footage of firing techniques and 7 publications.  Closed captioned. English / Spanish translation.  18 minute running time.

TC 54 - Managing for a Hunting Lease Operation 
This program deals with the management issues related to establishing hunting lease operations and incorporating them into an existing agricultural operation.  Length:  1 Hour, 30 Minutes

TC 86 - Survival in the Christmas Tree Industry 
Briefly reviews the production process and describes the current market climate.  Reviews National Christmas Tree Association marketing and publicity efforts and provides an outlook for the future of the industry.  Length:  1 Hour, 30 Minutes

TC 146 - Managing Forest Ecosystems: Assessing Opportunities 
This program seeks to involve nonindustrial private forest landowners in the current discussion and debate focused on the ecosystem management approach to managing the nation's forest resources.  Through showcase studies taped in Connecticut, Minnesota, and Oregon, this program shows how the ecosystem management approach is being carried out across the nation on a voluntary, non-regulatory basis.  Also examined are the basic concepts of what is an ecosystem, biodiversity, forest health, sustainability, and policy implications.  It also offers specific suggestions for how private landowners can practice ecosystem management.  Length:  1 Hour, 45 Minutes

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