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VT 1095 - Eastern Redcedar:  Invasion of the Creeping Menace 
Property theft…stealing water…a trail of dead oak and pine trees…endangering human life and property.  It's the work of the Eastern Redcedar.  Follow Detective Columber's investigation of the Eastern Redcedar!  Discover how these nefarious trees are destroying Oklahoma's native habitats.  Learn the shocking effects of cedar pollen on allergies and asthma.  See how you can keep them in check.  This video is a must watch for every Oklahoma landowner!  Length:  22 Minutes

VT 1068 - Grain or Gain:  Identifying First Hollow Stem 
First hollow stem (FHS) is the growth stage when hollow stem can first be identified above the root system and below the developing head.  By identifying FHS, producers can maximize their profits by removing cattle at the ideal time.  The video defines FHS, demonstrates why it is important, and shows how to identify this growth stage.

VT 874 - Conservation Tillage Spotlights 
This video has highlighted five farmers across Oklahoma that use conservation tillage.  Included in the video is how conservation tillage helps with erosion, time management, and lowers cost of needed equipment repairs and labor.  Length:  42 Minutes

VT 329 - Chemical Control of Weeds and Brush 
The tape discusses ways to control weeks and brush with selected herbicides.  Application of herbicides is also demonstrated.  Length:  13 Minutes

VT 315 - Herbicide Activity on Crops and Weeds 
This tape gives an in-depth look at herbicide activity on crops and weeds, with emphasis on selectivity, injury symptoms and drift potential.  Length:  35 Minutes

VT 112 - Using Prescribed Fire in Oklahoma 
Reviews the basics of controlled burning with special emphasis on burning for cedar control on rangelands.  The tape features Dale Rollins talking about the advantage of controlled burn and methods of prescribed burning.  Length:  9 Minutes

VT 110 - Application of Herbicides on Grazing Land 
Jim Stritzke, OSU Extension Agronomist, reviews how to apply various herbicides labeled for week control in pastures and rangelands and includes some calibration discussion.  Length:  10 Minutes

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