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VT 951 - 21st Century Speakers' Series-"Peering into Rural America's Future:  Opportunities and Challenges
Dr. Mark Drabenstott, Director of Center of Rural America, speaks of the opportunities and challenges facing rural communities of America.  Length:  24 Minutes

VT 871 - Saving Our Rural Hospitals
This video discusses how the rural hospitals have suffered with the cut of Medicare reimbursement.  It explains the other options that rural hospitals have such as the Diagnostic-related groups (DRG).  Hospitals now have a new option of Critical Access Hospital Designation.  Length:  14 Minutes

VT 771 - County Government Works!
This educational video outlines the duties and responsibilities of Oklahoma's elected county officials, which include the sheriff, court clerk, assessor, treasurer, county clerk and county commissioners.  Graphics and pie charts are used to explain how county government is funded and the counties responsibility for building and maintaining roads and bridges.  Length:  10 Minutes

VT 764 - Welcome to Town! Using the PRIDE Program in Your Community
Updated Version. Follow a family attending their son's baseball game as they see the best and worst a community has to offer. It is designed as a companion video to the "Oklahoma PRIDE" workshop.  Closed captioned. Length:  11 Minutes

VT 756 - Keeping Quality Health Care in Your Rural Community
Rural communities are facing a struggle to keep and attract health care providers.  This video outlines a community wide approach for communities to follow as they address the challenge of providing adequate health care.  Length:  18 Minutes

VT 504 - Illegal Dumping: Possible Solutions
We have all seen them:  ugly eyesores on the landscape that pose both environmental and human threats.  Illegal roadside dumps also eat away at precious tax dollars.  This tape examines the pros and cons of four trash collection systems that can help reduce, perhaps even eliminate the problem:  greenboxes, mailbox systems and convenience centers.  Length:  20 Minutes

VT 490 - Community Convenience Centers
Trash is a fact of life.  And while almost all communities provide some form of household waste collection…what do citizens do to get rid of such items as appliances, furniture, tires, waste oil and batteries?  One excellent solution is a Community Convenience Center:  a clean, attended facility designed to handle difficult-to-dispose of items.  This program examines the basics of establishing such a facility, while showcasing several different centers that have won the praises of community leaders and citizens alike.  Length:  12 Minutes

VT 413 - Design Works
This video is part of a program sponsored by the State Arts Council of Oklahoma to help communities enhance or improve their image.  The video demonstrates the benefits of thoughtful planning and preservation of public spaces in our communities.  For more information about "Design Works" please contact:  State Arts Council of Oklahoma, 640 Jim Thorpe Building, Oklahoma City, OK  73105, 405-521-2931.  Length:  12 Minutes

VT 326 - Bringing Tourism Dollars to Rural Oklahoma
This is a how-to tape for rural communities interested in developing tourism.  It shows local leaders what steps should be taken as they first begin to pursue the tourism industry.  It also shows several examples of successful tourism efforts in Oklahoma.  Length:  19 Minutes

VT 318 - Southeastern Oklahoma Economic Development
Shows how Extension programs are being used to promote economic development in the southeast district.  Also gives an overview of potential for economic development in the area.  Can be used as a promotion for southeastern Oklahoma.  Length:  12 Minutes

VT 314 - Success Stories for Rural Development
This tape shows how two small cities began aggressive economic development programs with the help of Oklahoma's Rural Enterprise Team.  The team is made up of 13 state and federal agencies and associations which offer free and low-cost help to rural areas.  Part 1 covers each agency.  Part 2 is a shorter version.  Length:  Part 1, 22 Minutes, Part 2, 8 Minutes

VT 134 - Industry Recruitment: A Case Study
This video is a case study of various experiences typical of industrial development activities.  It is built around a simulation exercise taped live during an economic development seminar.  The tape features a fictional community and its leaders pursuing an economic development prospect.  It's designed to show communities the do's and don'ts of actively pursuing industrial projects.  Length:  53 Minutes

VT 14 - Risk Management for Rural Communities
Promotes the Cooperative Extension Risk Management program being developed for use by Extension trainers working with local government.  Length:  8 Minutes

TC 36 - County Financial Management Videoconference
The videoconference features a detailed discussion of financial reporting and the accounting system used in the county and gives details of county financial statements and budget documents.  Length:  1 Hour

TC 48 - Farm Families: Who Can Help?
The show covers four areas of assistance - retraining and education for other employment, the agriculture mediation program, financial management (IFMAPS), and mental health assistance.  Length:  45 Minutes

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