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Flat, Cool & Acid-Free: A Look At History Through Angie Debo's Christmas Letters

Debo's work and personal items. Within this collection is Debo's Christmas letters that span a good part of the twentieth century. Upon analyzing her perceptions about the current events…

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The CARES Act & Agriculture

Amy Hagerman has information on the recently passed CARES Act and how it relates to agriculture.

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Federal and State Changes in Budgets and Policy

Farm policy overview from 2018, and what policy changes might be expected in 2019

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Home Baker Training

Are you a home baker? Are you interested in learning more about the Home Baking Act and other business practices? If yes, OSU's Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center's Home…

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SUNUP: Food Whys (2/24/18)

In Food Whys, Milling and Baking Specialist, Renee Albers-Nelson, explains how the Oklahoma Home Baking Act impacts baked goods produced for sale from the home.

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OSU Engineering Student Doesn't Let Numbers Define Him (Pre-CEAT)

Chris Waite, a recent OSU graduate in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, recalls his doubts as he began the program and gradually improved to be one of the top honored students…

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Critical Conversations Panel Discussion "Islam as Other"

OSU Ethics Center and OSU Philosophy Department

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Campus Security Authority Training

This video provides information and guidance about OSU's obligations under the Clery Act.

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SUNUP: Plant Variety Protection

We explore the Plant Variety Protection Act with Jeff Edwards.

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150th Anniversary of the Morrill Act

OSU is a Land Grant University. Dr. Bob Terry explains the the Morrill Act, which led to the development of Land Grant Universities...

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