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Properly Washing Your Leafy Greens

Barbara Brown, Extension Food Specialist, shows us how to properly wash your leafy greens. Airdate (04/03/21) #4740 Questions? To find out more information about show topics as well as recipes,…

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Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4648 (05/30/20)

In this episode of Best of Oklahoma Gardening, Segment 1 1:25 Host Casey Hentges is harvesting the blooming onions in our keyhole garden. Segment 2 5:30 We travel to hear Steve Upson talk…

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Remove those Cankers!

OSU Plant Disease Diagnostician, Jen Olson, removes cankers from a cherry tree. Cankers are a plant disease caused by various species of fungi and bacteria and can cause more problems in the future…

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SUNUP: Bacteria Blight

Randy Boman explains why bacteria blight has damaged the cotton crop this year. He also has information about the 2017 Red River Crops Conference.

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Undergraduate Library Research Award: Lindsey Hancock

Lindsey Hancock, a pre-med physiology major, is the underclassman winner of the 2016 Undergraduate Library Research Award. Her research explored the role enzyme azoreductase may potentially play in…

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2016 OSU 3MC Presentation Sway Pradhan

Fungi and Bacteria for Biofuels: Helps or Hurts?

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Digestive bacteria and nervous system interaction

Gerwald Koehler, Ph.D., discusses how the trillions of microorganisms that live in the human digestive tract could affect the central nervous system, resulting in differing influences on…

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2016 OSU 3MTâ Finals Presentation: Sway Pradhan

Fungi and Bacteria for Biofuels: Helps or Hurts?

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