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Extracting a Strawberry's DNA

Shelley Mitchell, Associate Extension Specialist for Oklahoma State University, takes a look at what makes a strawberry a strawberry-its DNA. Airdate (06/18/22) #4851 Questions? To find out…

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Dr. Dolores Vazquez Sanroman on INTERACT

Dr. Dolores Vazquez Sanroman, assistant professor of anatomy and cell biology at Oklahoma State's Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, talks about her research and INTERACT. Through INTERACT,…

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Growing 'Pea Soup' Algae in your Pond??

Mike Miller from Pond Pro Shops in Shawnee, OK has tips for managing single cell Pea Soup Algae that you might find in your water garden. Airdate (09/26/20) #4713 Questions? To find out…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4713 (09/26/20)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:20 Propagating Coleus In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges takes some stem cuttings from the garden to asexually propagate coleus to…

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Spears School Research Minute - Bryan Hammer

Are you addicted to your cell phone? Learn about Assistant Professor Bryan Hammer's research on mobile phone addiction and it's effects on relationships.

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