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What Sweeter Music: An OSU Choral Holiday 2018

Special guest Sarah Coburn joins the OSU Concert Chorale, Chamber Choir and OSU Brass to present "What Sweeter Music". This concert was performed at St. Xavier Catholic Church in Stillwater

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Music Transcends Majors

Thousands of students in varying majors and from all walks of life pursue their degree at OSU while taking part in music, too.

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A Night of Orange & Black: Combined Choirs & Orchestra

Enjoy the combined choirs and orchestra led by Z. Randall Stroope...

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The Wesley Foundation International Choir

It's a blend of music, culture and community--all in a single choir....

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President's Masterworks Concert 2013

The President's Masterworks Concert featured the OSU Choir, orchestra and Leona Mitchell, a Grammy winning opera singer.

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Faculty Experts: Dr. Z. Randall Stroope

Dr. Stroope is one of the top five best known choral conductor/composers working today. Hear him talk about his work and initiatives in the Music Department.

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