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Unmanned Aerial Systems Help Predict Severe Weather

The CLOUD-MAP project is studying the use of unmanned aerial systems to measure weather and atmospheric data to improve storm warnings and save lives and property.

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 The Pen Tool and nothing but the Pen Tool

At this Tech Tuesday @ 2: “The Pen Tool and nothing but the Pen Tool,” Kaitlin Little, graphic design intern for the OSU Libraries, demonstrates the basic functions of one of the most…

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 In the Door with InDesign

In February, Tech Tuesday takes a look at Adobe InDesign. These monthly presentations are an interactive showcase of emerging and innovative technologies. Tech Tuesday at 2 is held in the Edmon Low…

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Create at the Library

Let your creativity shine at the Edmon Low Library! Learn how you can use resources throughout the Library to aid in your creative process.

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