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A Raunchy Crapemyrtle that NEVER Blooms

Carl Whitcomb, Plant Breeder and Researcher at Lacebark, Inc., shows us his Raunchy Crapemyrtles that never bloom but are still able to give a beautiful color in the landscape. You can find more…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4818 (10/30/21)

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Harvesting Sweet Potatoes Host Casey Hentges harvests some sweet potatoes in our raised beds while the soil temperature is still warm. Raunchy Crapemyrtle Carl…

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Evaluating Winter Freeze Damage and Cleaning Up the Garden

We had a deep freeze this past winter so Host Casey Hentges walks through the garden and evaluates our damaged plants to see which ones should stay and which ones should be replaced. Use these tips…

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