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Equine Infectious Anemia

(Oct. 21, 2023) Kris Hiney, OSU Extension equine specialist, discusses the recent cases of Equine Infectious Anemia in Oklahoma. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…


Is your Alfalfa Hay Safe for your Horses?

Kris Hiney talks the risks of Alfalfa hay for horses if sourced from the wrong regions. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a production of the…


November 28 Deadline for Next Round of Oklahoma's Emergency Drought Funds

Amy Hagerman, OSU Extension agricultural policy specialist, discusses the updates and deadlines for the next round of funding approved by the Oklahoma Emergency Drought Commission. Information from…


Boot Camp for Cattlewomen

(June 11, 2022) SUNUP heads to Grady County to check out the OSU Extension Cattlewomen’s Boot Camp. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a…


Fashion Designing with Cotton

We travel to Altus, OK with the OSU Department of Design, Housing, and Merchandising to see the cotton harvest first hand and realize how cotton plays an important role in the textile industry. For…

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Starting the Conversation - Mental Health

Your mental health matters. Let’s normalize talking about feelings. Nikkie Dunnigan, manager of mental health promotion in the Department of Wellness, shares vital information for students on…

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Tribal Treaties Database

This database includes agreements between tribal nations and the United States (1778-1886) published in the 1904 work “Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties” (Volume II), compiled and edited…

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SUNUP: State of international cattle trade

We continue our conversations at OSU’s Rural Economic Outlook Conference with Kent Bacus, senior director of international trade and market access for the National Cattlemen’s Beef…

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SUNUP: Market Monitor

Kim Anderson, OSU Extension crop marketing specialist, tells us how and why crop prices have stabilized over the past few weeks. (10/23/21) For Extension fact sheets & more visit…

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SUNUP: Livestock Marketing

Derrell Peel, OSU Extension livestock marketing specialist, provides an update on wheat pasture and guidance on navigating higher feed costs this winter. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…

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SUNUP Full Show (10

This week on SUNUP, Brian Arnall offers advice on nitrogen application needs after the recent rains, as well as fertilizer and soil nutrition management tips going into winter. Kim Anderson, OSU…

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2021 Ag Champion: Arlan Richardson

Congratulations to Dr. Arlan Richardson for being named a 2021 OSU Agriculture Champion! Dr. Richardson of Oklahoma City serves as a senior research career scientist at the Oklahoma City VA…

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Shyanne Dickey Spotlight

Shyanne Dickey, a senior majoring in Studio Art, discusses her paintings featuring her family's history in a community of African American farmers in western Kansas.

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OSU Extension Supports Vaccination Efforts (1/23/21)

Kurtis Hair travels to Pontotoc County to see how OSU Extension is supporting the Covid-19 vaccination effort. For Extension fact sheets & more visit …

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Naming the NEW Department Head of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Host Casey Hentges introduces us to a new leader with a familiar face. Justin Quetone Moss has been named the new Department Head for the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture department. You may…

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Sexual Health - Talk About it Tuesday

What is consent? On this week's Talk About it Tuesday video, we learn about safe sex, common STIs, how you can protect yourself, and more!

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