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Digitizing Herbariums for Future Historians

Mark Fishbein, the director of the OSU herbarium, explains the importance of digitizing their collection for future historians to access and how citizens can help. The public can access these…

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2022 CADRE Symposium Series Part 3 – Keeping the World Safe with Extreme Scale Data Management

Los Alamos has had a long history in HPC from the 1940’s to present. The 1992 nuclear test ban led to the need to do full scale nuclear weapons testing using digital simulation. These virtual…

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2022 CADRE Symposium Series Part 2 – Using Data for Social and Business Impact

The Coalition for Advancing Digital Research and Education (CADRE) will host the CADRE Spring Symposium Series beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 26. The symposia will explore current topics in digital…

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How To Search Digital Collections

Find and search the digital collections housed at the OSU libraries. Start at our homepage Search through digital collections at…

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The #OKState Yearbook Collection

Before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram documented the college experience, there was the yearbook.

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Ask the Experts - Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is a crucial topic today. Your online behavior can be used to judge your character. In this video, OSU Director of Branding and Digital Strategy Megan Horton gives important tips…

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Reflections: Modern Mirrors of Medieval Life

Dot Porter introduces the BiblioPhilly project and discusses the plan for the exhibit, which has the aim of bringing medieval manuscripts closer to the modern audience.…

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From Warrior to Saint: The Journey of David Pendleton Oakerhater

View the collection on the OSU Library website at

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World War II Poster Collection

Learn more about the World War II Poster Collection, which contains dozens of posters from during the war. These posters covered nearly every aspect of life during World War II, from rationing food…

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Sources and Voices: Native Scholarship & Opportunity at Oklahoma State University.

Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties is part of the OSU Library's digital collections. Indian Claims Commission Decisions Learn more about the Angie Debo Collection. You can get…

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The Williams Hall Project

Follow the Oklahoma State University Archives on Facebook at for updates on the Williams Hall Project. Find more OSU and Oklahoma history at the Oklahoma State…

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Alum Pays Off Graduate's Student Loans

Piyush Patel was the keynote speaker for the College of Education and College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Spring 2017 Undergraduate Commencement ceremony. One student received a…

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Rethinking the Scholarly Monograph in the Digital Age with Dr. Laura Mandell

Downstream from the Digital Humanities, after all the tool development, database creation, and open annotation and linked data experiments, what should the digital scholarly monograph look like?

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Two Turn Tables and a Microphone

In September, Tech Tuesday @2: Two turntables and a microphone will be hosted by our very own Juliana Nykolaiszyn. The presentation will feature the digital music upgrade, provided by Jim and Liz…

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Celebrating Books 2015

We honor over 40 Oklahoma State University authors, coauthors, and editors at the 9th annual Celebrating Books event in the Edmon Low library. Learn more about our most recent and our past…

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Memories Made Digital

The OSU Yearbook Collection (1910 - 1991) has been digitized for your viewing pleasure: Here, Special Collections Coordinator David Peters details the history of the yearbooks.

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