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Science Cafe presents Into the Storm: Developing Drones for Severe Weather

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A New Home for Drones

Get a tour of the Unmanned Systems Research Institute’s new lab. Excelsior provides more space and mobility for projects so OSU can continue to serve as a national leader in the aerospace…

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The Future of Drones: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Research on Tap

Dr. Jamey Jacob, Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace, will discuss the Unmanned Systems Research Institute at OSU.

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Uses of drones to create and analyze map data

This episode of Straight Talk About Research features Dr. Adam Mathews from the Department of Geography

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Unmanned Aerial Systems Help Predict Severe Weather

The CLOUD-MAP project is studying the use of unmanned aerial systems to measure weather and atmospheric data to improve storm warnings and save lives and property.

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SUNUP: Drones: Are they for Agriculture?

SUNUP takes to the sky to learn about UAV’s for agriculture and other uses from Brian Arnall.

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IN THE NEWS: Graduate Students Using Drones for Weather Research

KJRH shows us how OSU graduate students are using unmanned aerial vehicles to improve severe weather warnings.

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