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Ray and Linda Booker OSU Flight Center Dedication

This is the dedication event for the Ray and Linda OSU Flight Center dedication.

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Ray and Linda Booker OSU Flight Center

This video is a promo for the Ray and Linda Booker OSU Flight Center and the OSU Aviation and Space Program.

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Sidebar: It's A Vornado!

Ralph Odor, an OAMC student, became interested in airplanes during World War I. He went beyond tinkering with models to create his own plane called the Vornado. Learn more about Ralph Odor and his…

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Welcome to the #okstatelibrary

There's so much to discover at the OSU Libraries. Visit us online at Oklahoma Oral History Research Program: The Archives:…

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Insert Tech Here

Insert Tech Here: an open house where students, staff and faculty can learn about all the technology like data visualization, flight simulators, virtual reality, Adobe products and audio production…

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Edmon Low Creative Studios: Virtual Reality Suite

New to the Edmon Low Creative Studios! The Virtual Reality Suite, sponsored by Elizabeth and James Wise, features two virtual reality studios and a virtual simulation studio. Find the Edmon Low…

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Spears Business Student Spotlight - Corey Collins

Meet Corey Collins, business management student and one of OSU's Top 10 Freshmen!

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Flight in a Sticky Situation

Dr. Arvind Santhanakrishnan, an Assistant Professor in OSU Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, describes how his interdisciplinary research integrating engineering, biology, and mathematics can…

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Alumni Spotlight: Aviation Graduate Michael Parisi

Michael Parisi earned a degree in aerospace administration and operations and quickly landed a great job in the aviation industry. He shares about his OSU experience and how it prepared him for the…

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Student Feature: Soaring to New Heights

Watch a view from the sky with aviation student and flight instructor Kelsey Connelly!

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