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Elementary News Reporters

(March 25, 2023) We travel to Garfield County to meet with a group of Chisholm Elementary students giving SUNUP a run for its money by producing their school newscast. For Extension fact sheets &…


Garfield County Barn Quilts (10/10/20)

We travel to Garfield County to learn about the volunteer effort to create barn quilts and bring more visitors to the Covington community. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…

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SUNUP: Migratory birds

SUNUP travel to Garfield County to learn about the birds enjoying a layover in our state, as they travel north for the summer.

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2013 Oklahoma-Kansas Winter Canola Conference

We travel to Enid for the 9th Annual Oklahoma-Kansas Winter Canola Conference to talk with Josh Bushong, Mike Stamm and Larin Wiens, a canola producer.

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