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How To Maintain Your Office Space During COVID-19

Gina Peek demonstrates best practices for maintaining your office space during COVID-19...

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#IAmBuilding Student - Braxton Noble

The #IAmBuilding Project has followed 5 business students throughout their college careers to document their experience during at Spears Business and their growth as students alongside the…

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American Airlines/City of Stillwater Announcement

American Airlines and the City of Stillwater announce that commercial air service will be available at the Stillwater airport beginning in late August, 2016 (original air date: 2/5/16)

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Stillwater Mayor Gina Noble Statement Regarding Tragic Event During OSU Homecoming Parade

Stillwater Mayor Gina Noble statement to the media following the tragic event at the 2015 homecoming parade (posted 10/24/15).

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Mayoral State of the City

Stillwater Mayor Gina Noble presents her State of the City address...

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INSIDE STILLWATER: Meeting the Mayoral Candidates

Meet the candidates seeking to become the next Mayor of Stillwater. The election is April 7, 2015...

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Zumbafest At The Colvin

This dance craze that's sweeping the nation is making the trip to the gym more fun. Juan Feliz takes us to Zumbafest....

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Spears School Classics: Miss Oklahoma Interviews Dean Sandmeyer

Circa 1991, former Spears School Dean Robert Sandmeyer explains the roles of the assistant professor, associate professor, full professor and dean to Gina Lynne Smith, OSU alum and Miss Oklahoma 1991.

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Streambank Conservation

We travel to Adair County for a streambank restoration project with a landowner who has lost a significant portion of his hay meadow to erosion. OSU's Jeri Fleming and Gina Levesque of the…

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