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Panhandle Crops Field Day: How High is Insect Pressure?

(Sept. 16, 2023) SUNUP heads back up to the Panhandle Crops Field Day to talk with OSU entomologist Kris Giles about insect pressures in that part of the state. For Extension fact sheets & more…


OSU Counseling Services - Wake Up with Wellness

Join us for a new series from OSU Student Wellness called Wake Up with Wellness! This talk-show-style virtual advice column will answer real student questions and have open conversations about…

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Panhandle Crops Field Day: How to Help Pastures Recover

(Sept. 9, 2023) Paul Beck, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, explains why there isn’t much of a difference in cattle management for producers in the panhandle. For Extension fact sheets…


University Counseling Services - Talk About it Tuesday "How-To"

This episode of Talk About it Tuesday will show you everything you'll need to know about using University Counseling Services at OSU!

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In This Together - Dr. Clary

The faculty and staff at OSU want you to know that we’re all in this together. Dr. Cynda Clary, Associate Dean of the Ferguson College of Agriculture, discusses how the industry she worked in…

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In This Together - Tom Joyce

The faculty and staff at OSU want you to know that we’re in this together. Academic advisor, Tom Joyce, discusses the struggles he faced while serving in the United States Army and in civilian…

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In This Together - Dr. Hallenbeck

The faculty and staff at OSU want you to know that we’re in this together. Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Doug Hallenbeck, discusses the challenges he's faced in his life and the…

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Drew Robinson: Discusses his Remarkable Second Act

Live from the Student Union Theatre..

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Vet Scripts - Avian Influenza

( Oct. 8, 2022) Barry Whitworth, OSU Extension veterinarian, says avian influenza could become an issue again as waterfowl migrate south. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…


Virtual Town Hall: Wellness on Campus

Your mental and physical wellness and safety is a top priority at OSU. We have experts at this webinar ready to answer all your questions about Wellness, University…

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Oklahoma Gardening August 6, 2022

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! AAS: Icicle Eggplant Host Casey Hentges shows us an All-America Selection eggplant that has a non-traditional color. Turfgrass OSU Extension Specialist,…

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Seasonal Affective Disorder - Talk About it Tuesday

Are you feeling S.A.D. Cowboys & Cowgirls? Feeling depressed or unhappy this time of year is very common. Watch today's Talk About it Tuesday to learn about Seasonal Affective Disorder &…

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Starting the Conversation - Mental Health

Your mental health matters. Let’s normalize talking about feelings. Nikkie Dunnigan, manager of mental health promotion in the Department of Wellness, shares vital information for students on…

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2021 Distinguished Alumni: Dr. Michael Galyean

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Galyean for being named a 2021 Oklahoma State Ferguson College of Agriculture Distinguished Alumnus! Dr. Galyean received his master’s and doctoral degree in…

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Science Cafe: "Prevalence Of "Forever Chemicals" In Water Systems"

Join Dr. Marck Krzmarzick for a presentation and discussion on the prevalence of "forever chemicals" in water systems. Science Café OSU is a monthly event that highlights…

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Opioid Abuse - Talk About it Tuesday

Drug-free is the key, Pokes. 🗝🙅🏽‍♀️🤠 Today's Talk About it Tuesday discusses the dangers of opioid abuse and how to handle an emergency overdose situation.

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