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Panhandle Crops Field Day: How High is Insect Pressure?

(Sept. 16, 2023) SUNUP heads back up to the Panhandle Crops Field Day to talk with OSU entomologist Kris Giles about insect pressures in that part of the state. For Extension fact sheets & more…


Panhandle Crops Field Day: How to Help Pastures Recover

(Sept. 9, 2023) Paul Beck, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, explains why there isn’t much of a difference in cattle management for producers in the panhandle. For Extension fact sheets…


Panhandle Crops Field Day

(Sept. 9, 2023) Cameron Murley, OSU McCaull Research Station superintendent, explains what producers in the panhandle have been dealing with for the past year. For Extension fact sheets & more…


How did Oklahoma's 2022 cotton crop turn out?

(Jan. 7, 2022) SUNUP Host Lyndall Stout talks with Gary Strickland, Jackson County OSU Extension director. Gary has an overview of cotton harvest and invite’s SUNUP viewers to the upcoming Red…


How's the Cotton Crop Handling Drought?

(Oct. 1, 2022) Seth Byrd, OSU Extension cotton specialist, gives an update on how the cotton crop is faring during drought. SUNUP is a weekly production agriculture show that airs Saturdays at 7:30…


Heat and Sun Protection on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4907

Welcome to the Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4907! Drought Tolerant - Gray Santolina Host Casey Hentges shows a beautiful drought tolerant plant perfect for the summer heat. 3:20 Mesonet:…

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Sun Protection

OSU Extension Specialist, Dennis Martin, explains the steps that gardeners should take to protect themselves from excessive sun exposure during the summer months. Questions? To find out more…

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Mesonet: Heat

Oklahoma Mesonet Assistant State Specialist Wes Lee takes a look at the heat Oklahomans have been experiencing and how that heat affects both the garden and the gardener. For more information visit:…

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Oklahoma Gardening July 30, 2022

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Lavender Host Casey Hentges shows us a colorful lavender that is sure to attract pollinators. Mesonet: Heat Oklahoma Mesonet Assistant State Specialist Wes…

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Stuffed Poblano Pepper

Jessica Riggin heats things up in the kitchen with her stuffed poblano pepper recipe. You can find this recipe on our facebook: Airdate (05/14/22)…

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Planting a Scoville Pepper Garden

Host Casey Hentges plants a spicy pepper garden to determine the Scoville rating on a variety of peppers. Chili peppers belong to the genus Capsicum and contain the active component capsaicin which…

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Vet Scripts - Keeping Pets Cool in Summer (7/25/20)

Dr. Barry Whitworth offers ways to keep our pets cool during warm weather. For more information visit…

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14th Annual Red Dirt Pumpfest

The 14th Annual Red Dirt Pumpfest is a climbing competition with top rope climbing and lead rope climbing at the Colvin Rock Wall. The first heat is at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday February 24th.

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Is It Too Hot to Trot?

When is it too hot to ride horses? Find out what the experts say about over heating your horse.

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Spears School Alumni Spotlight- Fred Gibson

The Spears School highlights the life and career of successful alumni, Fred Gibson.

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Cow-Calf Corner: Heat Stress in Cattle

Glenn Selk explains how the heat of July can stress cattle.

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