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CV's and Tips for Success

CV’s are a lot like resumes and can serve the same purpose. However, the primary differences between the two is the focus, format, and length. CV’s are used commonly in industries like…

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Strengths & Weaknesses

When it comes to interview questions, there is one that is almost guaranteed to be asked - "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" Tune in to today's #TuesdayTea as Chrissy Kyles,…

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Creative Resumes

It's time for #TuesdayTea and this week, Taylor Harbuck with Oklahoma State Ferguson College of Agriculture is giving you all of the tips & tricks on how to make a creative resume!

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Answering the "Tell Me About Yourself" Question

There’s one question during an interview that you can almost guarantee will be asked. Join Beth Weichold, Career Consultant with the College of Arts & Sciences, as she spills the Do’s…

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Resume Recommendations

A few weeks before a career fair is the perfect time to dust off your resume and make sure it is up-to-date. Join Taylor Harbuck, Career Development Coordinator with Oklahoma State Ferguson College…

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Virtual Networking

Networking is key to finding a job, but how do you go about it in a virtual setting? Join Breanna Gallagher, Career Services Career Consultant, as she spills the tea on Virtual Networking!…

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Virtual Interviewing

Do you want to land that next big interview, but everything has gone virtual, and now you're not exactly sure how to succeed? Tune in to #TuesdayTea with Abbey Davis, Director of the Eastin…

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Staying Resilient in Your Job Search

Is your job search getting you down? Tune in to this week's #TuesdayTea with Collin O'Leary, Career Coordinator with the College of Arts & Sciences, as he spills the tea on how to stay…

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Enhancing Your Job Search

Whether you recently graduated and are looking for a full-time position or maybe you are considering a career shift - join our Assistant Director, Lindsay Vallaster, as she provides tips on the best…

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Gap Years

Taking a gap year? Make the most of it with these #TuesdayTea tips from Beth Weichold, Career Coordinator with the College of Arts & Sciences! #spillthetea #hireorange

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Join our Employer Services Coordinator, Kelsie Miner, and learn about the newest way to gain experience and earn some cash with a microinternship!

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Finding Gig Work

Are you looking for a full-time position but need to make money NOW? Check in with our Senior Career Consultant, Jawauna Harding, as she spills the tea on Finding Gig Work!

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Enhancing Your Career Skills This Summer

A part-time job or volunteer experience is the perfect activity during the summer to help enhance your career skills.

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2016 Career Fair 4-1-1

Get ready for the big career fair coming up February 3-4, 2016. We hear from hiring experts on how you can make the most of this opportunity (original broadcast: 1/27/16)

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Inside OSU Career Services: Your First Stop On The Job Hunt

Find out about how OSU Career Services can help you find a great job (posted 1/28/16)

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