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Plant-derived Essential Oils

Raymond Cloyd, Kansas State University Entomology and Plant Protection Specialist, shares his research on plant-derived essential oils and their effects on insects. Airdate (07/15/23) #5003 …

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How Pecan Nut Casebearer Effects Crops

Chad Selman explains how he manages the nuisance of the Pecan Nut Casebearer moth that can damage pecan crops. Airdate (07/02/22) #4901 Questions? To find out more information about show…

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Do NOT Mix Cleaners

OSU Extension Pesticide Coordinator, Kevin Shelton, identifies some household hazards to help stay safer at home. Did you know, that if your cleaning/disinfectant product has an EPA registration…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4646 (05/16/20)

Segment 1 1:20 In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening, Host Casey Hentges does some spring cleaning and revives our houseplants and potted 'Sansevieria' Snake Plant tropicals. Check out…

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Home tips for handling firewood

Brad Kard tells us why it is important to think about what is living in the firewood we store in or near our houses.

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