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Easy Access Raised Bed

Steve Upson, a retired Horticulture Consultant from the Noble Research Institute, shares with us his newest recycled tire raised bed creation. This bed is meant to be a permanent installation in the…

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Creating DIY Projects on the Best of OKG #4825 (12/18/21)

0:00 This week on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4825 we take a look at some exhilarating DIY projects! 1:13 DIY Spherical Clay Pot Host Casey Hentges shows us a fun DIY project we can create for…

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VICA Sculpture Dedication

On November 4, 2021, OSUIT re-dedicated the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America sculpture on campus.

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Dr. Ashish Ranjan on INTERACT

Dr. Ashish Ranjan, the director of the Institute for Translational and Emerging Research in Advanced Comparative Therapy or INTERACT, talks about the new institute and what it means for human, animal…

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Inside OSUIT: Trucking Technician

In this episode of Inside OSUIT Dr. Path visits the Trucking Technician program in the School of Transportation & Heavy Equipment.

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Weyerhaeuser - Austin Stokes

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Weyerhaeuser - Ja'Darius Williams

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From Pitching Pennies to 45 Years of Marriage, an OSUIT Love Story

Larry and Mary (Jackson) Davis took a trip down memory lane during a recent visit to campus. They had only revisited campus once since graduating in 1973 and 1974 and were excited to see what all was…

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Cowboy Chef's Table - Season 2 Episode 2

This Chef's Table featured Barbecue with Chef Alex Pierce and Miranda Kaiser. Cowboy Chef's Table is a lunch and learn series presented by the OSU Institute of Technology School of Culinary…

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Researchers Recording Data To Support FAA And Pilots

Oklahoma State University's Unmanned Systems Research Institute is utilizing drones to record data for the FAA to help pilots by making navigational aid calibrations more efficient. Here's…

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Military Appreciation - Stephen Dockray

Steve Dockray is a student in the Civil Engineering Technology program and served in the Army for 10 years. He said serving in the military has helped him to stay on task and better focus on the…

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Distinguished Alumni - Scott Graham

Scott Graham is a 2018 OSUIT Hall of Fame Inductee

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Rising Star - Parker Minor

Parker Minor is a 2018 OSUIT Hall of Fame Inductee

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Distinguished Alumni - Jon Minson

Jon Minson is a 2018 OSUIT Hall of Fame Inductee

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Distinguished Alumni - Brady Anderson

Brady Anderson is a 2018 OSUIT Hall of Fame Inductee

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Rising Star - Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook is a 2018 OSUIT Hall of Fame Inductee

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