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Face2Face with Joe Stone

Imagine graduating from Oklahoma State University at 19-years-old. That's the reality for Spears Business economics student, Joe Stone.

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The Buzz on Business Podcast: Robin Ventura

This episode of the Buzz on Business was filmed during our conversation with Robin Ventura for the podcast. On this episode of The Buzz on Business, Alexis Hightower and Dean Eastman sit down with…

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Distinguished Chef Series: Chef Darren McGrady

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management welcomed The Royal Chef, Darren McGrady for their annual Distinguished Chef Series event.

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Face2Face with Lily Bolka

Lily Bolka, an accounting student at Spears School of Business, starred in the Netflix documentary "Found," which follows three teenagers who discover they're cousins through DNA…

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A Conversation with Wally Funk

Ms. Funk will speak about her life’s journey, including her time as a member of the Flying Aggies at OSU, her career in aviation documented in the Netflix special Mercury 13 and her experience…

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An Interview with John Sipher, Retired CIA National Clandestine Service Operative

John Sipher, a former member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service, discussed his background and how he became a part of the National Clandestine Service with Dean Randy Kluver, Associate…

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O-STATE Stories

O-STATE Stories, a project of the Oklahoma Oral History Research Program, chronicles the rich history, heritage and traditions of Oklahoma State University. People, places and events unfold through…

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Mesonet: an Oklahoma Oral History Research Program collection

View the collection at

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Gary Busey on Vivia Nail Locke's role in his career

Actor and OSU alumnus Gary Busey recently visited campus to promote his new book. In this interview, Busey talks about his theater courses at OSU, and the role Professor Vivia Nail Locke played in…

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Interview Do's & Don'ts: Pathways to Success

How to ace an interview

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Dressing for a job interview: Pathways to Success

Learn how to dress your best for job interviews.

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Connections - The Chesapeake Energy Business Student Success Center and the Eastin Center at Spears Business

Academic advising has changed tremendously over the last few decades. At the Eastin Center for Career Readiness and the Chesapeake Energy Business Student Success Center, advisors work hard to create…

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2017 Distinguished Alumni Nick Starns

Interview with distinguished alumni award recipient Nick Starns graduate of the school of hospitality and tourism management.

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Prepping to Win with Mason Rudolph - Interview Prep

OSU Quarterback and Marketing Student Mason Rudolph talks about how the Eastin Center for Career Readiness has helped him improve his interviewing skills.

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How to Get the Job You Want - Mike Pregler

Successful Spears Business Alumnus Mike Pregler shares advice to students on how to set yourself apart during the interview process.

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How to Get the Job You Want - Scott Burk

Scott Burk, former NFL player, MLB player and Spears Business graduate shares his advice on how to stand out during the interview process.

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