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Dividing Lambs Ear

Lamb's Ear Pruning We prune back some Stachys byzantina 'Helene Von Stein' Lamb's Ear to get our keyhole garden ready for the upcoming spring. Airdate (02-13-21) #4733…

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Hugelkultur and Keyhole Gardens on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening (#4724)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:23 Today on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening We are finding a use for all the downed trees and other yard debris by creating unique planting beds that help to…

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Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4648 (05/30/20)

In this episode of Best of Oklahoma Gardening, Segment 1 1:25 Host Casey Hentges is harvesting the blooming onions in our keyhole garden. Segment 2 5:30 We travel to hear Steve Upson…

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