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New Frontiers

Justin Moss, Department Head of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, and OSU President Dr. Kayse Shrum provide an update on the New Frontiers construction and share how the Greenhouse Learning…

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Data Bytes – Unsupervised Learning with the Expectation Maximization (EM)

The Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm as implemented in Unsupervised Learning for optimizing untagged data clustering models will be explained in simple terms. An EM implementation running in…

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Panel Discussion: Racism Against the Asian American Pacific Islander Community | OSUIT Diversity Learning Series

Learn more about OSUIT's Diversity & Inclusion Committee here: Survey: #OSUIT #DiversityLearningSeries #Diversity

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OSUIT Diversity Learning Series: Diversity, Respect & Inclusion for People with Disabilities

July 2021- Diversity, Respect & Inclusion for People with Disabilities The OSUIT Diversity & Inclusion Committee welcomed Mike Shuttic for a discussion on "Diversity, Respect &…

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Diversity Learning Series: History of Pride Month and Defining the LGBTQ+ Community

June 2021 - The History of Pride Month and Defining the LGBTQ+ CommunityThe OSUIT Diversity & Inclusion Committee welcomed Toby Jenkins and Alex Wade for a discussion on the History of Pride…

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NEW Greenhouse Learning Center at OSU

We take a tour of the new Greenhouse Learning Center on the OSU Stillwater campus with Floriculture Professor, Bruce Dunn, who has a few classes in the new facility and shows us some cool features…

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Oklahoma Gardening #4721 (11/21/20)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening we are wrapping up the gardening season with a tour of newness and growth within the horticulture and landscape…

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Light Mazes for Plants!

Shelley Mitchell, OSU Associate Extension Specialist, has a fun kids project building mazes for plants and talking about how phototropism and auxin effect plants as they grow. Airdate (10/31/20)…

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Plant-it-Earth with SmartPots

Julia Laughlin, Oklahoma County Extension Horticulturist, has a fun vegetable container project for kids using smart pots. You can find more information about the Plant-it-Earth Camp being hosted…

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Models of Course Delivery: Blended Learning

Blended Classroom and Blended Online courses are two models of blended learning that allow for a greater degree of flexibility for both students and instructors.

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Undergraduate Library Research Award 2020

Congratulations to the 2020 ULRA winners. For more information about the Undergraduate Library Research Award visit Find the OSU Libraries online at…

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Document Delivery at the OSU Library

Learn how to request document delivery service at the OSU Library. Quickly access the ILLiad online system at the Library by visiting Have…

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Leisure Learning 2020 - OSU Doel Reed Center in Taos

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Teaching Veterinary Students

Dr. Emily McCool talks about the Roger J. Panciera Education Center and how it will improve the educational experience for Oklahoma State veterinary students.

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Open Educational Resources Author Panel

Three Oklahoma State University faculty members participate in a panel discussion on their work in developing an open educational resource for their courses and the OSU Library launches ePress. The…

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