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Money Saving Opportunities

Save money by earning college credit before you come to college—OSU Admissions shows you how.

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Bitcoin & Beyond: The Future of Digital Currency

Click here to view the slides from this presentation. Dr. William J. Luther is an assistant professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University. He is also the director of the American Institute…

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Join the #openokstate movement

Join the OPEN movement. Learn more at

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NPR's Robert Smith is Coming to OSU

Join the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship and KOSU for a behind-the-scenes peek at NPR's Planet Money show, hosted by Robert Smith.

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The Dr. Bill F. & Jean Kelso Ancient Coin Collection

Click to view the Dr. Bill F. & Jean Kelso Ancient Coin Collection online.

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Library Creativity Award Winners 2017

What does creativity mean to you? The winners of the 2017 Library Creativity Award talk about what creativity means to them and we view their winning entries.

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Combating High Book Prices for College Students: A Solution

Book prices are on the rise. So, what can we do? Dr. Bill McLean, professor of economics at Oklahoma State University, sees the benefits of using an open source textbook. Find more information about…

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Combating High Book Prices for College Students

OSU Humanities and Social Sciences librarian Dan Chaney talks about open textbooks and how they can benefit students, faculty, and staff. Find more about open textbooks here.

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Farm Transitions Workshops

With tax season here, OkState Extension Ag Law Specialist Shannon Ferrell talks about the importance of taking farm inventory and how to begin the farm transition process. He also invites viewers to…

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SUNUP: Sustainable Ag Grants

Jason Warren explains how producers and agriculture industry professionals can apply for grants through the southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program.

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OSU Saves $20 Million Through Energy Conservation

How OSU saved $20 Million through energy conservation efforts; what $20M can do; what students think should be done with the extra $20M.

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