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An OSU Tulsa Degree Opens Doors

Whether you're seeking your first job or already have a career, a bachelor's degree can benefit you.

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Bank CEO Shares His Choice for Best MBA in Tulsa

MBA graduate Sean Kouplen, Regent Bank chairman and CEO, shares how OSU-Tulsa gave him the tools and connections to better his life and advance in his career.

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How Seth overcame his excuses and earned his bachelor's degree

Seth wanted to earn his bachelor’s degree, but juggling two jobs and financial concerns prevented him from pursuing his dreams. He shares how he overcame those obstacles and found success at…

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Oklahoma Secretary of State Chris Benge shares why he earned his bachelor's degree at OSU-Tulsa

While serving in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, Chris Benge enrolled at OSU-Tulsa to gain perspective from different generations of students and further develop his business skills,…

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Diversity: Nontraditional Students at OSU

What is a "nontraditional student"?

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