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Oats for Grazing?

(Feb. 11, 2023) Alex Rocateli, OSU Extension forage systems specialist, discusses planting spring oats as a forage option. For Extension fact sheets & more visit …


Oats as Forage (1/30/21)

Alex Rocateli says planting oats as a rescue forage crop is a good option for producers if their wheat crop has failed. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…

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Sewing your oats

Josh Lofton explains how oats fit into a small-grains system in Oklahoma. For more information on growing oats & planting dates visit

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Oats as forage?

We learn about using oats for grazing cattle from Paul Beck. For more information on oats as forage visit

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Drought Alternative: Spring Oats

Daren Redfearn discusses why producers are considering oats as a livestock forage alternative during drought.

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