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Fertilizer Rate Demonstration of Overseeded Cool-Season Grasses on Bermudagrass Lawn

Charles Fontanier, Assistant Professor of Turfgrass at OSU, shows us comparison of cool season grasses that have been overseeded into a bermudagrass lawn and how applying fertilizer can help lawns…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4720 (11/14/20)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:26 Introduction In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening we begin with natural dyes and textiles. 2:17 True Indigo Host Casey Hentges shows off a true…

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Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue Together

OSU Turfgrass Specialist, Dennis Martin, looks at two different shade grasses in the NTEP 2017 - 2021 Trail. Kentucky Bluegrass vs Tall Fescue. We see how summer patch disease and crabgrass affect…

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