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Then To Now: Pistol Pete

Oklahoma State University Archives, Then to Now Video, features photos from the archived digital collection and yearbooks. This month we honor the "Year of the Cowboy" and showcase the…

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2023 - Class Photo

The freshmen class is here with big dreams, big plans and big hearts. Let's welcome class of 2023.

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 From Auto to Manual

Nina Thornton, Multimedia Producer for the OSU Library, will discuss essential photography concepts as she teaches students to take their cameras from auto to manual. (Originally broadcasted on:…

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Tech Tips: RAW vs JPG

Should you be shooting in RAW format or JPG format? Watch more Tech Tips.

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 #360MakesTheWorldGoRound

Nina Thornton, multimedia producer for the OSU Libraries, reviews the LG360 camera and how to edit 360 footage using Adobe Premiere. View videos from previous Tech Tuesday events.

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Photography Basics

Tech Tuesday @ 2: "Photography Basics,” presented by OSU Photographer Gary Lawson, touches on key concepts of photography that are relevant no matter what equipment you use.

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 I Think It’s Been Photoshopped

Tech Tuesday @ 2: "I Think it Might Be Photoshopped" delves into the world of photo editing basics utilizing Adobe Photoshop. The featured presentation will be a hands-on demonstration and…

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Study Abroad 2015 photo contest winning entrees

To find out more about the Oklahoma State University study abroad program, visit the Study Abroad/National Student Exchange Office website."

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Got GoPros

Nina Thornton, OSU Library multimedia producer, will present "Got GoPro?" a demonstration of the GoPro cameras available for checkout at the Library. Tech Tuesday explores the world of…

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