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The Realities of Adulthood

(Sept. 3, 2022) A group of Tulsa Public Schools students recently visited the OSU campus to get a small dose of the big realities of adulthood. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…


Teaching Butterfly Garden at Woodward Park

Andy Fusco, director of horticulture at the Tulsa Garden Center, shows us the beauty of the center's Teaching Butterfly Garden. Airdate (07/02/22) #4901 Questions? To find out more…

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Updating Stillwater Library Urban Trees

Steve Dobbs, Landscape Service Director at OSU Campus, steps back in time with Mark Bays as they review some of the trees that were planted 28 years ago at the Stillwater Public Library.Watch the…

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Oklahoma Gardening March 19, 2022

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:43 Coral Japanese MapleHost Casey Hentges introduces us to a vibrantly colored tree that provides color to the landscape even in the middle of winter, the Coral…

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Why It Matters: Talks on the American Past featuring David Gray

Brian Hosmer and David Gray discuss "Work Better, Live Better: Motivation, Labor, and Management Ideology." Information about David Gray's book, "Work Better, Live Better:…

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Updates for the OSU Stillwater Campus in 2020

Thomas Coon, the Vice President and Dean of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources at OSU, stops by to talk about OSU Extension and the construction of a new high tech Ag Hall building here on…

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IN THE NEWS: Managing Awkward Holiday Conversations

From KOTV, News on 6: Dr. Tami Moore and Dr. Mike Stout from the Center for Public Life at OSU-Tulsa share ways to handle awkward holiday conversations using the principles of deliberative dialogues.

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Elementary School Partnership

Stillwater Public Schools is partnering with the McKnight Center for the Performing Arts to give local students the opportunity to interact with world-class musicians. Westwood Elementary music…

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Veterinarians and Public Health

OSU alumnus Dr. Mark Bohannon talks about his career and the many opportunities for veterinarians in the field of public health.

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NPR's Robert Smith is Coming to OSU

Join the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship and KOSU for a behind-the-scenes peek at NPR's Planet Money show, hosted by Robert Smith.

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OSU-Tulsa Veterans Day Tribute - Flags for the Fallen


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Faculty Spotlight - Dr. Randy Hubach

Dr. Randy Hubach talks about the College of Education's health education and promotion program, his background and research efforts.

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Russ Roberts: Economic Harmony The Real Invisible Hand

Russ Roberts discusses topics from his latest book How Adam Smith can Change Your Life.

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Russ Roberts: Software Is Eating The World

Russ Roberts discusses how UBER and AIRBNB are changing the way business models are designed.

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One-On-One With Best-Selling Author William Bernhardt

OStateReport anchor Nikola Paschal sits down with best-selling author William Bernhardt. Bernhardt will be presenting a workshop titled "Just Fiction". This workshop, geared toward the…

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