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Publishing as a PhD Student, Jayci P. - Oklahoma State University

Publishing as a professor at a university is a research faculty's top priority and here at Oklahoma State, we teach our PhD students how to do just that! Listen to Doctoral Candidate, Jayci P.,…

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2022 CADRE Symposium Series Part 1 – Real World Open Science

Real World Open Science – Researchers are being encouraged to make their data open and their research processes transparent. Funding agencies expect PIs to make data available in public…

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From Warrior to Saint: The Journey of David Pendleton Oakerhater

View the collection on the OSU Library website at

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IN THE NEWS: Tulsa LitFest

Dr. Lindsey Smith, director of the Center for Poets and Writers at OSU-Tulsa, and poet Quraysh Ali Lansana discuss Tulsa LitFest, April 11-14, 2019. This story originally aired on KOTV News on 6 in…

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Words on Air - Susannah Sharpless of Graywolf Press

This episode aims to clarify the mystery of publishing for aspiring editors as well as writers. Susannah Sharpless, assistant editor for the poetry section of Graywolf Press, talks with writer and…

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