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NPR's Robert Smith is Coming to OSU

Join the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship and KOSU for a behind-the-scenes peek at NPR's Planet Money show, hosted by Robert Smith.

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Russ Roberts: Economic Harmony The Real Invisible Hand

Russ Roberts discusses topics from his latest book How Adam Smith can Change Your Life.

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Russ Roberts: Software Is Eating The World

Russ Roberts discusses how UBER and AIRBNB are changing the way business models are designed.

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OSUIT Visionary Radio talk show

OSUIT President Bill Path discusses a wide variety of topics on Visionary Radio. This hour-long conversation touches on many topics relevant in today's news.

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KOSU Moves To Renovated Building in OKC

KOSU moved to a renovated building on Film Row in Oklahoma City. On Friday, September 20, state and university officials attended a celebration of the new building.

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