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RESEARCH WEEK: Terahertz Radiation

Imagine your cellphone downloading data 20 times faster than it does now. One OSU researcher is working on the next step of wireless communication...

From  Jordan Tidwell, Paige Worley, Morgan Wells, Colton Clason 0  

RESEARCH WEEK: Using UAVs to Detect High Levels of CO2

Research is being performed at OSU to see how UAV's can detect high levels of carbon dioxide.

From  Tori Broussard, Emily Ramseyer, Tanner Godwin, Patrick Lewis 0  

RESEARCH WEEK: That Sore Workout Routine

Researchers at OSU are taking a closer look at muscle strength and the amount of time needed to recover before continuing an exercise routine...

From  Montinique Monroe, Alex Batchelor-Strohm, Kydel Billy, Kara Holm 0  

RESEARCH WEEK: Implicit Bias

One OSU researcher is studying implicit biases and what causes them...

From  Amy Leet, Michah Parnell, Miles Clement, Sarah McCall, Joseph Ed 0  

RESEARCH WEEK: OSU Professor Designs Mechanical Heart for Research

Researchers at OSU have built a mechanical heart in hopes of learning how to detect hypertrophic cardiomyopathy early....

From  Taylor McCarthy, Catherine Sweeney, Lance Spence, Rose Jin 0  

RESEARCH WEEK: The Science of Crowdfunding

One OSU graduate student is researching why crowd-funding websites are so successful...

From  Austin Ragain, Brooke Cox, Abreeyia Hilliard, Ashley Ray 0  

RESEARCH WEEK Door-To-Door Political Campaigning

One OSU researcher is studying the effects of knocking on doors as part of political campaigning...

From  Alison Limke, Murphy Mitchell, Willis Berry, Brooke Klimek 0