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Preventing Woody Encroachment (12/12/20)

Laura Goodman explains how universities across the Great Plains are working together to stave off woody encroachment to prairie land. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…

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2018 Spring Massage Promo

The Department of Wellness maintains a holistic approach to leading a healthy lifestyle. In addition to physical activity, nutritional balance, and managing stress, the staff believes in the benefits…

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SUNUP: How I spent my summer...knee deep in a creek, in the name of science

We see why seven undergraduate students from across the country have spent the last ten weeks learning from Oklahoma waterways.

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Bell Tower Restoration

The Edmon Low Library’s bell tower is undergoing an intense renovation to be restored as one of Oklahoma State University’s most iconic landmarks. David Peters shares some history on the…

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The Botanic Garden at OSU: Prairie Restoration Update

Dr. Dwayne Elmore, Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology, joins Kim Toscano, host of Oklahoma Gardening, to survey the recent prairie restoration.

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Oklahoma Gardening: Canadian Peat Bog Harvesting & Restoration

Kim Toscano, host of Oklahoma Gardening, travels to the Saint-Henri Peatland in Quebec, Canada, where the organic material peat is harvested.

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Streambank Conservation

We travel to Adair County for a streambank restoration project with a landowner who has lost a significant portion of his hay meadow to erosion. OSU's Jeri Fleming and Gina Levesque of the…

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