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Virtual Town Hall: Wellness on Campus

Your mental and physical wellness and safety is a top priority at OSU. We have experts at this webinar ready to answer all your questions about Wellness, University…

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Virtual Town Hall: Finding Your Place at OSU

From Greek life and student organizations to finding a job and leadership opportunities, this webinar focused on "Finding Your Place at OSU." Hear from the experts from Career Services,…

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Virtual Town Hall: Getting Started on Campus

Focused on everything you need to know to prepare for move-in and living on campus, Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Doug Hallenbeck visited with Dr. Leon McClinton, Director of Housing and…

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CV's and Tips for Success

CV’s are a lot like resumes and can serve the same purpose. However, the primary differences between the two is the focus, format, and length. CV’s are used commonly in industries like…

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Tree Freeze Damage Update

Mark Bays, Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator, joins us to look back at the challenges our trees have endured from last year's brutal freeze and what we can do now to help improve their…

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How To Use Laptop Printers

Using your personal laptop to print at the #okstate Library but don't know where to start? Learn how in this video.

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Diversity & Inclusion Career Summit 2021

The Diversity & Inclusion Career Summit was created to celebrate diversity at Oklahoma State University and support the career journeys of underrepresented student populations including, minority…

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Cowboy Innovations on INTERACT

Zach Miles and Daniel Will talk about the services OSU Cowboy Innovations can provide to researchers, especially those connected to INTERACT, and to industry partners.

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Virtual Education Career Fair

Looking for a full-time teaching position? The Virtual Education Career Fair is the ideal place for students who are interested in becoming teachers, school counselors, speech therapists, and more to…

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Virtual STEM Career Fair

The Virtual STEM Career Fair is the ideal place for students studying science, technology, engineering, or mathematics to learn about job opportunities, meet industry professionals, and practice your…

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Virtual Construction Industry Career Fair

Looking for a full-time position within Construction Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering, Architecture or other related programs? The Virtual Construction Industry Career Fair on Friday,…

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Virtual All Majors Career Fair

Calling ALL MAJORS! If you are a student looking for a full-time job after graduation or a summer internship - don't wait, now is the time when employers are hiring and this is the fair for you!…

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Making Your Own Luck

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity," but how does that apply to your future career? Join Collin O'Leary, Career Coordinator with the College of Arts &…

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How to Be a Great Remote Employee

Whether you're working from home, have a virtual internship, or are completely remote - Chrissy Kyles, Career Coordinator with the College of Arts and Sciences, has three quick tips on How to Be…

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Strengths & Weaknesses

When it comes to interview questions, there is one that is almost guaranteed to be asked - "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" Tune in to today's #TuesdayTea as Chrissy Kyles,…

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Creative Resumes

It's time for #TuesdayTea and this week, Taylor Harbuck with Oklahoma State Ferguson College of Agriculture is giving you all of the tips & tricks on how to make a creative resume!

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