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Did the Rain Help the Wheat Crop?

(May 6, 2023) Amanda Silva, OSU Extension small grains specialist, says some wheat producers are taking advantage of high hay prices and baling their crop instead of harvesting it for grain.…

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Is First Hollow Stem Here Yet?

(Feb. 18, 2023) Amanda De Oliveira Silva, OSU Extension small grains specialist, gives advice on how to scout for first hollow stem. For Extension fact sheets…

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Grazing Past First-Hollow Stem Will Cost You!

(Feb. 11, 2023) Eric DeVuyst, OSU Extension Farm & Ranch Management Specialist, has guidance on the financial consequences of grazing wheat past first-hollow stem.…

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Was The Rain Too Late?

(Oct. 29, 2022) Amanda De Oliveira Silva, OSU Extension small grains specialist, says the recent rain may have saved the wheat crop for a lot of producers.…

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Dawson Named Regents Distinguished Teacher

Dr. Lionel Dawson was named a 2021 Regents Distinguished Teacher for the Oklahoma State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Dawson specializes in reproduction and small ruminant…

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Growing lots of Produce in a Small Space Pallet Garden

Casey wanted to give us an update about the many variety of plants we have growing in our little 4x4 pallet garden we constructed a few years ago. You can grow a lot of produce even in a small space!…

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Milo 2.0: OSU Veterinary College Treats Second Case of Upside Down Paws

Dr. Erik Clary, who turned Milo's upside down paws right side up, successfully performed a similar, yet more challenging surgery on Siggi. Clary is a board-certified small animal surgeon at…

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Dr. Erik Clary on INTERACT

Dr. Erik Clary, associate professor of small animal surgery and bioethics, shares his research focus and how INTERACT can help move that forward to benefit both humans and animals.

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Dr. Danielle Dugat on INTERACT

Dr. Danielle Dugat, small animal surgeon at OSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital, shares her thoughts on INTERACT and how this institute will help her develop research that ultimately advances the…

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Vet Med Faces of Research: Dr. Erik Clary

Dr. Erik Clary, associate professor of small animal surgery and bioethics, talks about his research career. In particular, he discusses his work to increase the durability of joint replacement…

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OSU Places Its First Bronchial Stents in a Dog

Dr. Shane Lyon, associate professor of small animal internal medicine, placed bronchial stents in a dog for the first time at OSU. His patient - an adorable Pomeranian. Here's Lucy's story.

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Tracy Kyle Chair in Small Animal Medicine

Thanks to the generosity of David and Tracy Kyle, a new chair in small animal medicine will allow OSU to pursue newer and less invasive treatments for patients.

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Yoda: with you the force is

Yoda is a 15 month old sheep with a heart defect. For the first time, Oklahoma State veterinarians perform a procedure on a sheep to fix Yoda's problem.

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FAPC 2016 Activity Highlights

The Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center reflects on another successful year with our 2016 activity highlights.

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OSU-OKC Team Takes Governor’s Cup Award for 2nd Straight Year

For the second consecutive year, a team from Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City has won the small business division, of the annual Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup competition. The…

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OSU Alumni Inspiring Other Young Entrepreneurs

OSU Ag Econ Alumnus Kaycee Brandon talks to SUNUP's Lyndall Stout about her boutique Whiskey Creek and how growing up on a farm means she's no stranger to hard work. It's all part of a…

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