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Summer Snow on the Mountain Euphorbia

Host Casey Hentges looks at Snow on the Mountain Euphorbia, a native annual that is popping up across fields and gardens around Oklahoma right now.

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Cattle & Extreme Cold (02/20/21)

Paul Beck has information on managing cattle during extreme cold temperatures.

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Managing Horses in Winter (12/19/20)

This week on SUNUP, Kris Hiney offers recommendations for helping horses weather the winter.

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Canola & Winter Weather (12/19/20)

Josh Lofton has an update on the canola crop across the state.

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SCIENCE LESSON: Why Do Snowflakes Have Six Points?

Christopher Fennell explains why snowflakes have six points...

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How a Snow Day is Determined

What all goes into determining a snow day for campus.

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Cow Calf Corner: Winter Supplements

OkState Beef Cattle Extension Specialist Glenn Selk offers advice on adjusting supplements during winter weather events.

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Snow: From Atlanta to Stillwater

Samantha Morgan introduces us to one OSU student whose family recently went through the crippling Atlanta snowstorm and tells how important preparedness is if the next storm hits closer to home...

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Safe Walk for Students

The OSU Safe Walk program allows students to call for an escort to talk them across campus during the evening hours....

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Theta Pond Covered in Ice

Below freezing temperatures over winter break left Theta Pond iced over, but still as beautiful as ever.

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Snow Removal Inside Boone Pickens Stadium

Boone Pickens Stadium is preparing for Bedlam by clearing snow and ice from the field and throughout the stadium.

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OSU Band: Inside OSU

Oklahoma State (OSU) President Burns Hargis visits the Cowboys Marching Band and to the band director and several members.

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