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Admitted Student Days - 2024

Admitted Students get the opportunity to hear from current students about life at OSU, get an inside look at residential halls and Greek housing and meet other students planning to join the Cowboy…

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2024 iSo Cultural Night

Join the International Student Organization (iSo) in celebrating festivals around the world in its 2024 edition. Originally aired March 30, 2024

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Kaliana Gartelos - OSUCEHS

This video features Kaliana Gartelos, who is an Early Childhood Education major at OSU and volunteers at Turning Point Riding Academy.

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Low Tunnels for Cool Season Protection

We visit OSU Student Farm Manager, Lynda Carrier, to see how they are protecting their crop as we transition out of winter. Airdate (03/16/2024) Questions? To find out more information about…

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2024 Mr. and Miss Asian OSU Scholarship Pageant

The mission of the Mr. and Miss Asian Oklahoma State University Scholarship Pageant is to further develop the leadership, confidence and creativity of students. The royals will positively advance the…

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Our Daily Bread

Host, Casey Hentges visits Our Daily Bread to speak with Executive Director, Rachael Condley about how they are helping the community and the importance of having fresh produce. Airdate (11-18-23) …

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2023 Mr. and Ms. International

Originally broadcast November 17, 2023 This is a presentation of the OSU International Student Organization

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Coffee Talk with Avery: Michelle Salazar

Michelle Salazar talks with Avery about being a first generation student, work ethic, and finding a sense of community at OSU.

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Discovering Excellence: A National Merit Scholar's Journey at OSU

Meet Chandler Dean, a National Merit Scholar who shares why she chose OSU and how her time in Stillwater has impacted her academic journey.

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OSU Student Farm Update

Casey visits Lynda Carrier to learn about the Student Farm's expansion and to see how things are 'mowing'. Airdate (10/07/23) #5015 Questions? To find out more information about…

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Oklahoma Gardening October 7, 2023

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening #5015! Sweet Potato Vine Host Casey Hentges shows off the sweet potato vines grown at The Botanic Garden at OSU. Succulent & Cactus Garden Update Professor…

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Then To Now: OSU Dorm Life

Oklahoma State University archives, Then to Now Video, features photos from the archives to now. The first topic we explore is OSU dorm life and showcases photos dating back to 1964 to 2023.

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Concrete Planters

The OSU Student Farm crew demonstrate how to make concrete planters that go great in any garden or centerpiece.

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OSU Student Farm - Warm Season Harvest

We stop by the OSU Student Farm as they bring in the summer harvest of melons, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers. Airdate (07/29/23) #5005 Questions? To find out more information about show topics as…

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Meet The Artist: Paige Nguyen

Winner of the 2023 Student Art Exhibition at the #okstatelibrary, Paige works with multimedia and loves to take inspiration from the small moments in life. Her piece "stuDYING" is now on…

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Meet The Artist: Maggie Price

Winner of the 2023 Student Art Exhibition at the #okstatelibrary, Maggie walks us through the process of Lithography and her piece, "Library Ratz." Her work is on display in the Edmon Low…

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