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Oklahoma Mesonet: Drought

Wes Lee, Mesonet Assistant State Specialist, takes a look at the year-to-date rainfall totals and how Mesonet stations measure rainfall across the state. Wes Lee also explains how the Mesonet sites…

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Heat and Sun Protection on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4907

Welcome to the Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4907! Drought Tolerant - Gray Santolina Host Casey Hentges shows a beautiful drought tolerant plant perfect for the summer heat. 3:20 Mesonet:…

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Mesonet: Heat

Oklahoma Mesonet Assistant State Specialist Wes Lee takes a look at the heat Oklahomans have been experiencing and how that heat affects both the garden and the gardener. For more information visit:…

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Reading Soil Temperature for Your Gardening Needs

Wes Lee with the Oklahoma Mesonet explains how to read soil temperature and soil moisture on the Oklahoma Mesonet website and discusses the importance of knowing how this information affects our…

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Oklahoma Gardening- April 30, 2022

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Tulip Species Host Casey Hentges shows us a variety of species tulips we planted last fall to evaluate their performance and how well they'll return next…

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Mesonet (11/06/21)

In the Mesonet weather report, Wes Lee discusses recent temperatures, next week’s outlook and the plant available water levels. Then, Gary McManus updates the drought monitor and looks at how…

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Is It Too Hot to Trot?

When is it too hot to ride horses? Find out what the experts say about over heating your horse.

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