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Will Flies & Ticks be an Issue This Summer?

(May 14, 2022) Justin Talley, OSU Extension livestock entomologist and department head, says the recent hot days with high humidity are the perfect environment for tick and flies to grow and spread.…

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SUNUP: Ticks in the winter?

We hear from Justin Talley, OSU Extension livestock entomologist, about fall and winter options for managing pests in horses, cattle and pets.

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Asian Longhorned Ticks (6/6/20)

Justin Talley has information about the Asian Longhorned tick and Dr. Barry Whitworth explains how it impacts livestock. For Extension fact sheets & more visit …

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Livestock Parasites & Treatment Options (5/2/20)

Justin Talley talks about external and internal parasites in livestock and how to know if they are impacting your cattle. For more information visit For…

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Vet Med Faces of Research: Dr. Susan Little

Dr. Susan Little shares her enthusiasm for studying ticks and tick-borne diseases and how they affect both animals and people.

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The OSU Tick Team

Have you ever found a tick on your pet or yourself? With the explosion in tick populations and increasing geographic distribution in the tick species, more people and and more animals are at risk of…

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2018 3 Minute Thesis Finals: Bhagya Kulasooriya

Ticks Beyond Borders

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Researcher Tracking Tick Movements

Doctors are seeing a spike in tick borne illnesses in Oklahoma. One OSU researcher is tracking the movement of the tick population. Here's the story from KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City....

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Ticks & disease

We talk with Justin Talley about ticks and how they impact people. …

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Preparing for flies and ticks

We talk about ticks and flies on livestock with Justin Talley.

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Red Meat Arachnophobia

The connection between your favorite food and a tick bite is tied closer than you would expect.

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SUNUP: Check the entire cow for ticks. They like to hide

Justin Talley says there are more hiding spots for ticks on livestock than just the ears. He shows us where to look.

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SUNUP: We're thick with ticks!

SUNUP talks ticks with Dr. Susan Little, of Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.

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SUNUP: Ticks are on the move

Learn about ticks and what to do when they get on livestock and humans.

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SUNUP: Horses & Ticks

Justin Talley shows us how to identify and treat the ticks appearing this season on horses and cattle.

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2014 Center for Veterinary Health Sciences 3 Minute Thesis Winner, Dr. Lindsay Starkey

Dr. Lindsay Starkey, veterinary parasitology resident, explains her research thesis on ticks in 3 minutes.

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