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Metro Grows

Jessica Gonzalez with the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library System details an exciting new experience for gardeners to "check out". Airdate (06/24/23) #4952 Questions? To find out…

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Oklahoma Gardening June 24, 2023

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening #4952! Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar Host Casey Hentges shows off the sculptural form and cascading branches of the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar. Metro Grows Jessica…

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Data Bytes - Drilling Down on DMPs

Data Management Plans (DMPs) are an often overlooked tool for effectively planning how and where to store, describe and archive your research data so that it is secure and discoverable. Preparing a…

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Oklahoma Gardening #4814 (10/02/21)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:16 October Hort Tips Host Casey Hentges is ready for fall and gives us some advice so that we can start preparing for our fall gardens too. We transition…

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Handy Tool Tips

Laura Payne, Field Producer for Oklahoma Gardening, shows us some of her favorite tools she uses while maintaining the garden. Airdate (05/08/21) #4745 Questions? To find out more…

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Tech Tips: Snip Tool

Watch more Tech Tips.

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 The Pen Tool and nothing but the Pen Tool

At this Tech Tuesday @ 2: “The Pen Tool and nothing but the Pen Tool,” Kaitlin Little, graphic design intern for the OSU Libraries, demonstrates the basic functions of one of the most…

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OSU Helps Design Computer Program to Assist Farmers with Farm Bill Requirements

Oklahoma State University has teamed up with Kansas State University to create a computer program designed just for farmers. The farm tool is designed to help farmers study their past crop yields to…

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