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Oklahoma Gardening July 29, 2023

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening #5005! New Growth on Plants Host Casey Hentges explains the good and potentially bad new growth you may see on different plants. OSU Student Farm - Warm Season…

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Backyard Gardens on the Best of Oklahoma Gardening January 21, 2023

Welcome to the Best of Oklahoma Gardening #4931! Easy Access Raised Bed Steve Upson, a retired Horticulture Consultant from the Noble Research Institute, shares with us his newest recycled tire…

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Growing Watermelon in Oklahoma

Southeast area horticulture specialist Jim Shrefler gives us the key elements to growing a tasty watermelon. Airdate (04/30/22) #4844 Questions? To find out more information about show topics…

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Oklahoma Gardening- April 30, 2022

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Tulip Species Host Casey Hentges shows us a variety of species tulips we planted last fall to evaluate their performance and how well they'll return next…

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Protecting Watermelon Crops from Wildlife

At the West Watkins Research and Extension Center at Lane, Oklahoma, Jim Shrefler looks at using row covers to protect watermelon crops from curious wildlife animals. Airdate (09/12/20) #4711…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4711 (09/12/20)

1:20 Segment 1 Today on Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges has some great tropical plants if you're looking to turn your garden into a tropical paradise. 7:30 Segment 2 At the West…

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SUNUP: Full Show June 28, 2014

This week's segments: Grain Harvest Safety, Grain Storage Safety, Grain Bin Safety, Market Monitor, Cow-Calf Corner, Livestock Marketing with Darrell Peel, Food Whys.

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