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Data Bytes - Drilling Down on DMPs

Data Management Plans (DMPs) are an often overlooked tool for effectively planning how and where to store, describe and archive your research data so that it is secure and discoverable. Preparing a…

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Finding Sources in Scopus: Advanced Searching

"Finding Sources in Scopus: Advanced Searching" provides instruction for using the Scopus database for complex searches.

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Finding Sources in Scopus: Basic Searching

"Finding Sources in Scopus: Basic Searching" provides step-by-step instructions for doing a basic search in the Scopus database.

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Inform Your Thinking: Episode 7 - Fact Checking

We find, use and share information online every day. It's something we're used to, but that doesn't always mean we're great at deciding what to trust and what to challenge.

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Dr. Good wins Regents Distinguished Research Award

Dr. James K. Good discusses his research in Web Handling and his Regents Distinguished Research Award

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Faculty Experts: Dr. James K. Good

Dr. Good is one of the world’s leading researchers in web handling. Hear him talk about his work on winding a wrinkling through the OSU Web Handling Research Center.

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SUNUP Full Show (01/05/13)

This week on SUNUP: Plan for Dry, Land-Leasing Web, Lease in Writing, Students in Nicaragua, Cow-Calf-Corner, Market Monitor, Mesonet Weather and Shop Stop.

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