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Yellow Wood Poppy

We learn about this spring native growing in the shade garden at The Botanic Garden at OSU. Airdate (04/06/2024) Questions? To find out more information about show topics as well as recipes,…

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Oklahoma Gardening April 6, 2024

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening #5041! Flowering Crabapple Host, Casey Hentges educates us on a red-hot tree growing at The Botanic Garden at OSU. Petunias & Calibrachoas Casey shares two…

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Using a Resistograph to Test for Decay in Trees

Frank Rinn, Inventor of the Resistograph, demonstrates how his tool determines the amount of decay in a tree by measuring the resistance of the wood. Airdate (05/06/23) #4945 Questions? To find…

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Evaluating a Tree for Decay

Chris Luley, President and Tree Pathologist with Urban Forest Diagnostics LLC, points out the signs of decay urban trees and how a sounding test can highlight decay in a tree. He also shows how to…

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Chainsaw Safety

(March. 4, 2023) Ryan Desantis, OSU Extension forestry specialist, has chainsaw safety tips for those who are cleaning up brush and tree damage after the recent storms. For Extension fact sheets…


The American Way to Four-Flap Graft Your Pecans

Becky Carroll, Fruit and Pecan Extension Specialist at OSU, shows us the ‘American’ way to graft your pecans. Make sure to grab your duct tape and rubber bands! You can find more…

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Turning Lumber into a Completed Tree Table

Mark Bays, Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator, recaps the process of how the Oklahoma City Park Dept. wanted to showcase the value of trees in urban areas and how lumber can be used for other…

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Different Pruning Methods for Your Shrubs

Different Pruning Methods Casey cleans up around the garden and explains how some shrubs can bloom on old wood versus new wood. Thinning and heading are some methods of pruning to help you get…

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Backyard Ecosystems

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! OSU Extension Specialist, Shelley Mitchell, explores backyard ecosystems. We take a look under a decaying log to find all kinds of living things like worms, roly…

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Bermudagrass Eradication at Our Daily Bread

OSU Payne County Extension Horticulturist, Keith Reed, gives an update on ongoing mechanical bermudagrass eradication at Our Daily Bread's community garden by using wood chips and cardboard to…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4640 (04/04/20)

Segment 11:15 Today on Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges is cleaning up the shade garden and dividing hosta's. Segment 28:30 We visit Don Blehm from last winter to see his unique…

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Home tips for handling firewood

Brad Kard tells us why it is important to think about what is living in the firewood we store in or near our houses.

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OSU Cowboy Golf: Inside OSU With Burns Hargis

Click here to listen to this interview on iTunes on the Inside OSU Podcast: Oklahoma State University President…

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Binder Trends in Particleboard Production

The green movement is making its way into construction methods through how particleboards are created.

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Blood Donors Save Bella

Twenty-one days, 32 liters of blood and a team of dedicated veterinary specialists--that's what it took to save Bella, a 7 year old mare from Broken Arrow, Okla.

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Political Button Collection at the Edmon Low Library

The Edna Mae Phelps Political Collection at the Edmon Low Library features political buttons...

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