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The Edmon Low Zone

Have a happy Halloween from the OSU Library! Or should I say have a haunted Halloween? Either way, beware of the spirits that may be following you around this time of the year or you might find…

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Champion of the Garden, Rose Campion

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Today Host Casey Hentges looks at a beautiful hot-pink, drought tolerant Rose Campion, Lychnis coronaria. A hardy perennial from zones 4-8, it looks its best in…

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OKP Indian Pink

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! We have a beautiful native perennial, Indian Pink, Spigelia marilandica for almost any location. This 2018 Oklahoma Proven has a beautiful red trumpet flower with a…

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Crazy Days 2018

Join us at the West End Zone July 18-20 for 75% everything in the store!

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