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Master in Business Administration at Oklahoma State University - Dr. Matt Bowler, MBA Director

Dr. Matt Bowler, Director of the MBA Programs at Oklahoma State University, gives a brief overview of the Full-time, Tulsa, and Online programs. Interested in getting an MBA at Oklahoma State? Check…

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Executive Ph.D. in Business Administration, Dr. Stephanie Royce - Oklahoma State University

Executive Ph.D. in Business Administration Director, Dr. Stephanie Royce, touches on the our remarkable program here at Oklahoma State! Want to learn more or interested in joining? Visit our website:…

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The Buzz on Business: Sarah Cazzelle

Meet the woman behind Stillwater's favorite hot dog stand. Sarah Cazelle joins the dean of the Spears School of Business, Ken Eastman, and student co-host, Dalton Wolf, on this episode of the…

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2020 Census Information

Larry Sanders has information on the 2020 Census. For more information please visit SUNUP is a production of the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural…

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The CARES Act & Agriculture

Amy Hagerman has information on the recently passed CARES Act and how it relates to agriculture.

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Market Facilitation Program information

Agricultural producers whose commodities have been directly and negatively affected by what the Trump Administration has designated “unjustified foreign retaliatory tariffs” are eligible…

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What is a hybrid class? -- Aerospace Administration and Operations at OSU-Tulsa

Dr. Mallory Casebolt describes hybrid classes at OSU-Tulsa and how this blended format of in-person and online instruction makes it easy for working aviation professionals to earn their…

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Spears Business MBA Program - Stillwater Campus

Learn about the Spears Business MBA program offered in Stillwater from the perspective of two current students.

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Spears MBA Tulsa - Gary Baumgartner

Meet Gary Baumgartner, a recent graduate of the MBA program through OSU Tulsa. In this video, Baumgartner talks about the journey that led him to pursue his MBA and his experience in the program.

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Three Minute Thesis competition: Ruby Nguyen

The Three Minute Thesis competition challenges students to present their thesis to a lay audience in under three minutes. Contestant Ruby Nguyen received first place and the people's choice…

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Spears Business Student Spotlight - Kyle Lake

Learn about the life and educational career of MBA student, Kyle Lake.

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Master of Business Administration at OSU-Tulsa

Dr. Raj Basu talks about who should earn an MBA, what an MBA can do for your career and compares options for attending graduate school for busy working adults in the Tulsa area.

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Bank CEO Shares His Choice for Best MBA in Tulsa

MBA graduate Sean Kouplen, Regent Bank chairman and CEO, shares how OSU-Tulsa gave him the tools and connections to better his life and advance in his career.

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Oklahoma Secretary of State Chris Benge shares why he earned his bachelor's degree at OSU-Tulsa

While serving in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, Chris Benge enrolled at OSU-Tulsa to gain perspective from different generations of students and further develop his business skills,…

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Making Discoveries, Changing Lives - OSU Center for Health Sciences

Learn about the learning, research and health care happening at OSU-CHS and the family-like atmosphere that enables our students to succeed.

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OSU-CHS Research Spotlight: OSU School of Health Care Administration

Jim Hess, Ed.D., chair and director of the OSU School of Health Care Administration at OSU Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, gives an overview of the OSU School of Health Care Administration. He…

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