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The Path: Back To School 2014

The path to your future begins today....

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Oklahoma State University Big 12 Athletics

Since its founding in 1996, the Big 12 has accumulated 537 NCAA individual championships and176 NCAA team championships. Oklahoma State University leads the Big 12's success with 51 NCAA…

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Meet Missy Wikle: OSU New Student Orientation Director

Libby Nichols introduces us to Missy Wikle, OSU New Student Orientation Director...

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Michael Cobbins: OSU Recycles

Cowboy Basketball's Michael Cobbins reminds everyone that we recycle on campus!

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Oklahoma State University Colvin Recreation Center

Department of Wellness staff members highlight the amazing facilities and activities available at Oklahoma State University .

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What Every College Freshman Needs to Know.

An OSU freshman posted a discussion thread on Reddit about his difficulties adjusting to college life. An OSU senior replied with this.

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Residential Life at Oklahoma State University

Residential Life offers a variety of on-campus housing options to make Oklahoma State your home sweet home! With activities like intramural sports and hall events, you'll have plenty of ways to…

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Pistol Pete Learns About Healthy Dining on the OSU Campus

Pistol Pete finds out what University Dining Services offers students to help them learn about nutrition and healthy eating.

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REBOOT: Using High Tech Video Games To Reduce Stress

The Oklahoma State University (OSU) Reboot Center, the first center of its kind in the state, uses cutting-edge technology to help students better handle stress as part of the university’s goal…

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That Freshman "15"

Laura Neal and Natalie Newport have some advice for avoiding the dreaded "Freshman 15"

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Five IT Things You Need To Know

Chelsea Tays shows how the I.T. Helpdesk can save you time and money

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What Would Pete Do?

The Oklahoma State University Student Conduct Committee discusses how to handle some tough situations that occur during student's careers here at OSU.

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What Not To Do Freshman Year

Learn some great tips on how to make your freshman year at OSU a great experience.

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